3 Major Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

There are a lot of different mattress types to choose from these days, and there is no doubt that memory foam has become the go-to mattress of choice for Britons everywhere. In recent years people all across the UK have been doing their best to revamp their sleeping arrangements and improve their circadian rhythm. Lack of sleep negatively impacts so many different areas of your life, and this is something you have to work on avoiding.


It is widely accepted that mattresses are a key component of the sleeping process and something you need to invest properly in if you are to enjoy the best possible night’s sleep. Mordor Intelligence predicts that the UK mattress market can expect a CAGR of 1.52% between 2021 and 2026, as customers focus on boosting health and wellness, something that sleep is a core component of. Memory foam mattresses are proving incredibly popular, and here are 3 of the major benefits they provide for sleepers.


1. Boosted Comfort


Comfort is one of the greatest benefits of choosing a memory foam mattress, and that feeling of weightlessness it provides can really help you to enjoy a restful night of sleep. Memory foam mattresses provide far more by way of comfort than regular mattresses, and their ability to contour to your body shape is ideal for greater back support, as well as relief from pressure points. Sleepers who suffer with back pain or need a little extra support will greatly benefit from memory foam mattresses. If you head to www.mattresstime.co.uk you will find a wonderful range of some of the best memory foam mattresses on the market, including:

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Hf4you 10” Jasper Visco Elastic


With 50mm of visco elastic memory foam and a 200mm reflex foam base, the Jasper Visco Elastic memory foam mattress has been a mainstay on the market for a long while.


Hf4you 10” Graphite Cool Blue


Another smart option, this medium-soft, hypoallergenic orthopaedic mattress is constructed using cool blue memory foam on top of thick reflex foam, making for a wonderful night’s sleep.


2. Health Benefits


The best thing about memory foam mattresses is the health benefits they provide. First off, they allow users to enjoy a great night of sleep, something which is integral for improving both physical and mental well-being. However, more than this, they also provide hypoallergenic qualities. Regular spring mattresses have gaps where dust mites and mold can sometimes form, which can be unpleasant for those with asthma and allergies. Memory foam mattresses remove this issue and help you to enjoy the best possible sleeping process. They also support posture and body shape very well, which can reduce the issue of things like back, neck and shoulder pain, and this is something you have to consider right now.

3. Long Lasting


When you purchase a mattress you want to be sure it is going to be high-quality, and that it will last a long time as well. Because of how they are made, memory foam mattresses offer plenty of durability and robustness, making them a great investment for the future. Investing in a comfortable and well-made mattress that is going to last years even with regular use, and still offer the same level of quality is so important. This is something that provides an excellent benefit, and is one of the key reasons to choose memory foam mattresses.

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Selecting the perfect mattress for your home and bed is so important, and memory foam options come with so many advantages. As well as offering key health and wellness benefits, they are also more comfortable, and provide an excellent night’s sleep.

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