4 Most Interesting Ways to Enjoy Matheran to the Fullest

4 Most Interesting Ways to Enjoy Matheran

Matheran is a cool escape from the overcrowded Mumbai city and a number of tourists from the Metro come to this point of ultimate fun for rejuvenation as well as entertainment. The city is quite close to Mumbai and is known for the toy train route which makes it a special attraction for both kids and adults. Once you reach there, you definitely need a place to stay, if you plan to enjoy this city for 2-3 days. So, here is how you can extract maximum fun out of your Matheran visit.

Stay in a hotel

The idea of rushing back to the home town in one day is certainly not good when you have planned a holiday in Matheran. So, booking a hotel is an absolute delight and offers tons of entertainment and luxury to the guests who want to experience Matheran to the fullest. Matheran hotels are not so cheap, but do provide a number of amenities and have an activity planners that you will not mind paying extra bucks for. Hotels like Usha Ascot Matheran are providing world-class amenities to the visitors and extending the warmest of hospitality.

Matheran to the Fullest in hotel

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Roam around to points

Matheran is a place of views, and picturesque views. You can plan to go to a number of points such as

  • Monkey Point,
  • Charlotte Point,

Heart Point and many othersImage results for 4 Most Interesting Ways to Enjoy Matheran to the Fullest

All these points offer breath-taking views of the hills and valleys. You cannot cover all the points in a day, and thus, allows you to have a mix of activities in a day at Matheran.

Matheran is a big trekking spot in India.

Shop till you drop

Matheran city has a local market of its own that is more like a cultural hub where shoppers can spend a lot of time. You will find excellent quality woven hats, footwear, shopping bags, and the most famous ‘chikki’ that is sure to tantalize your taste-buds and offers you a delectable option to munch upon. Matheran is also famous for handloom products.


Matheran is a big trekking spot in India. You are on your foot from Bhivpuri to Dasturi Naka. The destination is at the height of some 2625 ft above sea level and requires at least 7 hours to finish the trek. This trip is a pure adventurer’s delight and you get to breathe nature in its most virgin form in the shape of streams, and waterfalls throughout the route.

Matheran is a cool escape

So, Matheran is not just a destination, but a lifetime experience that you will cherish all your life.


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