5 AC Mistakes Your Customers Should Avoid

As the summer starts rolling in and the temperatures begin increasing more and more, it’s time for your customers to start paying closer attention to their air conditioners. Hot, muggy, and wet is the name of the game, and this is when they expect their AC to lead them to the promised land. However, it’s also a time when it’s extremely common for the air conditioning to simply fail to comply, and not without a good reason.

Even if your customers aren’t doing it consciously, they might be making some mistakes with their system that could be significantly impacting its ability to deliver the cool air they’re so desperately craving. Although not ideal, it’s fine, as most people do. However, if you’re serious about helping your customers get the most out of their AC and boosting its performance, make sure to point to some of the common mistakes they might be making.

What Mistakes Should My Customers Avoid Making?

The first thing that most homeowners don’t know is that they need to spend some time preparing their air conditioners for the summer. However, even with adequate preparation, there’s more to properly operating their AC than just pressing the button and lowering the temperature to their desired one.

It’s when the weather gets hot and the need for cool air becomes omnipresent that they have to know what to do in order to keep their AC running smoothly. That’s why they need to know more about the most common mistakes they could be making with their air conditioners and what they should do to avoid making them.

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Opening Doors And Windows

Air conditioners operate by pulling warm air out of the room, passing it over refrigerant, and then placing it back into the room, only cool. If your customers open any doors or windows and allow warm air to enter their property, they’re making the job of the air conditioner a lot harder, lowering the overall operational efficiency and performance, ultimately reducing the comfort in their property.

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Not Turning Off The AC

Some of your customers might think that it’s a lot more energy-efficient to keep their AC running all the time, even when they’re not at home. However, this will significantly increase the energy consumption of their air conditioning system. Instead, they should turn their AC on when they’re home and turn it off when they leave.

Setting It Too Low

This is another common mistake. In an effort to make their homes a lot more comfortable and enjoyable to be in during the hottest of days, your customers can set the temperature of their AC too low. However, this will only make the air conditioner work harder to reach the desired temperature without any significant improvements in comfort that a couple of degrees might bring.

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Not Using A Fan To Circulate The Air

It’s a great idea to implement fans to help circulate cool air around your customers’ homes. However, the majority of your customers probably don’t know about this trick and rely solely on the power of their AC alone. However, fans will distribute cool air throughout their property, fostering better air conditioning and comfort, as well as increasing the overall energy efficiency.

Ignoring Heat Sources

Finally, advise your customers not to ignore their heat sources. It doesn’t matter how large or small a heat source is, it will negatively affect the performance of their AC, boosting energy consumption and lowering comfort. They should try to eliminate most heat sources to improve the operations of their air conditioner and enhance their living or working conditions.

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