5 Simple Tips for a Perfect Bridal Shower

Plan Together

A bridal shower is one such special gift you can offer to your bride, to express how special she is to you. A bridal shower is a fun occasion where the bride, her friends, and family will get together for food, drinks, and celebration. Planning for a bridal shower can sometimes be as stressful as organizing a wedding, but with these essential tips, you can throw a bridal shower that the bride will simply love & remember.

Plan Together

Planning together is the very first step to organizing a successful bridal shower. Be it the bride’s friend or the bridesmaid, you don’t have to do it alone. Recruit a few people and assign responsibility to each one of them. Splitting the work not just reduces the stress, but also ensures every aspect of the ceremony is done perfectly.

Involve the Bride

You might want to surprise the bride with an amazing bridal shower, nevertheless, it’d still be ideal to consult the bride when it comes to confirming the guest list, gathering her input as to what theme, decorations, menu, or activities she might want to include in the event. A bridal shower is meant for her, hence a bride’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Understand her tastes and preferences, and work towards fulfilling it.

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Choose the Location

Choose the Location

Choose an appropriate location for the shower. It is always ideal to consider a professional event space that is easily accessible. Swan Valley wedding venues or resorts can reduce much of the stress and headaches that might arise in the planning of the bridal shower. Ensure the venue is centrally located, has ample parking space and that the resort you choose offers a comprehensive service to make the event successful.

wedding dinner

Plan the Meal

Deciding on meal options depends on the location you choose. If you are at a restaurant, they’d offer you food and drinks. If at home, you can either cater to food or have some of your friends bring their own dish. When at a wedding venue in Swan Valley Perth, their team of professional chefs can prepare the food for you.


Once the venue’s chosen and other arrangements are made, the next you’ll have to do is to plan simple and fun games for the evening. Games are a traditional part of a bridal shower that keeps the guests engaged. Some popular bridal shower games include Purse Raid, Bridal Shower Bingo, Memory Lane and Words of Wisdom.


When it comes to bridal showers, choosing the right location is important above all. Choosing a luxury wedding venue in Swan Valley Perth will be a good choice as they offer an all-inclusive bridal shower package, which includes meals, games, and other activities that make way for a memorable day.


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