6 Things That Cause Wrinkles – Know What You Have To Stop Doing

Many of us are aware that skin loses elasticity and becomes sagging with age. Do you know the reason for it? It is because of less production of collagen. Without collagen, the skin loses elasticity, which leads to various skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, and more. Fortunately, you can try many things to improve your skin health and attain glowing skin.

Cause Wrinkles

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A few common things can negatively impact skin health. Here are a few steps that you need to consider to enhance your facial appearance. They include:

1. UV rays and exposure to the sun

It is crystal clear that frequent exposure to sun and UV rays causes wrinkles. It is because UV exposure damages the skin by causing tanning. Frequent tanning and sunburns as well as lack of protection from sun and UV rays may lead to premature aging signs and deep wrinkles, even causing cancer.

Cause Wrinkles

Treatment – Avoid or limit down sun exposure as much as you can, use sunscreen, wear clothing and hats, particularly from 10 A.M to 3 P.M (peak UV time).

2. Skincare routine

Skin becomes sensitive and dry with age. So, follow a skincare routine to maintain glowing skin.

Treatment – Wash your face at least 2 times a day and apply moisturizer. Use sunscreen and reapply every 2 to 3 hours during sun exposure.

Try girl needle

Skincare routine

Ellanse is a gel developed to reshape the contour, improve wrinkles, and reverse the ageing signs instantly. It is the right option for people who want to attain smooth and youthful skin because it is made of materials like:

PCL (polycaprolactone) – stimulates the autologous collagen regeneration, builds 3D filling, and provides long-term effects that last for 1 to 4 years
CMC (biodegradable material) – fills and repairs the effects of wrinkles instantly

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3. Smoking

Smoking tobacco is dangerous for skin health too. It causes facial lines (known as smoker’s lines) and leads to rapid ageing.


4. Exercise and a healthy diet

Unhealthy habits like a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition cause skin damage and premature ageing. Processed and high-fat content foods affect the skin tone and texture and cause breakouts. Plus, exercises helps to deliver oxygen to your skin and promote new cells and collagen production.

Treatment – For overall well-being, eat a balanced and healthy diet, drink lots of water, and exercise daily. All these can help to support your physical and mental health.

5. Sleeping position

 Sleeping position

Sleeping on the stomach or sideways each night can keep pressure on your skin. By this, you may develop wrinkles and changes in the skin texture.

Treatment – Avoid keeping pressure over the skin means sleep on the back. Also, consider silk pillow covers to reduce friction beside the skin.

Repetitive movements

Repetitive muscle contractions may develop facial wrinkles, crow’s feet beside the eyes, around the mouth, and lines between eyebrows, nose, and forehead.

Treatment – If you find these wrinkles are affecting your appearance, avoid repetitive movements and contact an experienced dermatologist.

Whether you want to reduce wrinkles or ageing signs, choose a reputed aesthetic medical service and book your appointment today.

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