A Few Basic Information about Fly Screen Door

Those of you who are living in a region where the climate is warmer must be familiar with mosquitos and flies of their surroundings. These insects are actually nobody’s friend and can make your life miserable if you cannot effectively prevent their entry into your home.

Fly Screen Door

However, during such a climate, we may tend to keep our windows open to get fresh air and at the same time these unwanted insects also conveniently make their way into our home. This is where you can protect your home by installing fly screens on your door and windows that you can get from UK Flyscreens.

If you are still not aware of this useful item then you may continue to read this piece of writing.

What is a fly screen door?

Usually, this kind of screen is fitted on the door as well as on the windows to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and flies into your home. You can keep your doors and windows open and enjoy the cool fresh air but these unwanted guests cannot make entry.

What are different types available?

  1. You can get a sliding type of fly screen door that is quite a popular choice if you have got sufficient space inside to accommodate the sliding width.
  2. Another type is the rigid-framed type of fly screen door that is also very commonly available. These will be suitable for a house that has a protected doorway. Such door has got a self-closer.
  3. Another type is the roller cassette type of screen door that is used with UPVC doors.
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How can you clean them?

In due course of time, these screen doors will have a build-up of lots of nasty bug residue. So, you need to regularly keep them clean to avoid the possibility of developing germs, and also the ventilation will get compromised.

So, you must clean them from time to time in the following way:

  1. Remove the screen and place it out.
  2. Keep it on any clean and dry surface.
  3. By using the garden hose you can rinse the dirty screens.
  4. Thoroughly scrub by using warm soapy water and brush or sponge.
  5. Then repeat the same on both sides of your fly screen.
  6. Again use the hose to rinse all the suds away.

about Fly Screen Door

How to install them?

These fly screens can be easily fixed on your doors and windows, especially if in your home you have got sufficient openings.

Most of the wooden window frames have got a small amount of rebate in their moulding where you can easily install these screens. If it is not possible then you can also install these screens flat against your frame’s outer surface.

If you have got sliding, sash, or an inward-opening window then you will find a rebate for the screens on its outside. If the windows open outwards, the screens have to be then fitted on its inside.

Inside screens can present you with a few complications of adding mechanical winders for opening the windows. For sliding windows of aluminium, screens will be fitted into the outer track.

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