Activities in Kavos that are Good for Children

Corfu in Greece has a stunning seaside resort called Kavos. It is a well-liked international holiday spot for many young people all over the world because of its fun environment and stunning location.

It’s a genuinely active location with loud music, plenty of bars and clubs, close to beaches with beautiful views, and a wide variety of watersports and travel fitness.


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What you didn’t know is that it is also a great place for kids. Often seaside resorts and destinations are considered a perfect place for a honeymoon and an attraction for couples who want to get away from their hectic life.

However, Kavos is one place that is also a perfect destination for kids. Let alone the beaches that are known for their various water activities.

It is the best tourist destination for those who love getting tanned. Leave all your stress at home and come all prepared to get drowned in water, sand, and booze.

Oh, wait! Let’s not forget you have kids with you and keeping their preferences in the count, we have gathered some exciting things that will keep them busy all day, so that you and your spouse can relive your old days.

Things to Do With Kids in Kavos

Water sports 

Just five minutes from Kavos, the island’s capital, are the water port facilities near the southernmost tip of Corfu.

It is a small, lovely beach with a stunning view of Greece’s mainland and the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos.

The area is known for water skiing, parasailing, tubing, and jet skiing. Kids can enjoy all kinds of sports from reputable businesses here.

Their professionals are trained and licensed, so it is safe for kids as well.


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You may think that bars are unsuitable things for kids and shouldn’t be in this article. Well, the bars here are not just for drinks and smoking.

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Various bars have unique features and architecture. It is a perfect place to take a selfie and post on Instagram. What else do kids love?

Most bars are friendly, and they serve all kinds of dishes and drinks, hot and cold. Choose your drink and help your kids with some shakes or frappes.


Who doesn’t love cruises? Be it kids or adults, people just love sailing in the sea and watching migrating birds and aquatic species.

To make it more exciting you can also book a Boat Party. These cruises offer 6 hours boat party with live music, bars, swim stops, and many more.

While you enjoy the sunset and drinks with your spouse, your kids will move their footsteps on the music, and jump with excitement while watching some new aquatic species.


On the Ionian Island of Corfu, Paleokastritsa Beach is a well-liked family beach, but there are so many other fantastic options.

Other secluded, sandy, and secure beaches for families to enjoy a day at the beach include Pelekas, Agios Gordis, Issos, Acharavi, and Glyfada.

Aqualand Corfu Water Park

The best vacation for kids is always one that has a waterpark. Corfu has one of the best, most well-liked family-friendly destinations in Greece, which is the Aqualand Water Park. A vast complex of rivers, pools, hot tubs, and slides can be found there.


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Due to the abundance of olive groves on the island, Corfu is among the most picturesque locations in all of Greece. It is a fantastic experience to walk through these groves with your kids.

Young riders are catered to by numerous local businesses, including Horseland Kavos, Trailriders Horse Trekking, and Angel’s Horses.

Kavos is an exciting yet quiet place to spend a few days. Once you’re exhausted from all swimming, dancing, and building a castle with your princess on the sand, explore more places in Corfu. Look for more options in Greece. You will never be disappointed.

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