Are Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Related?

Substance abuse and bad mental health are more interconnected than you might think them to be. A person who abuses the substance is consuming drugs that alter the release of natural neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are responsible for how we feel, perceive, process and think.

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When someone abuses drugs, they meddle with the natural process of release of neurotransmitters the result of which is mental health going haywire. Such people have namby-pamby mental health. The best solution to this issue is getting addiction and psychological servicesyou will get the best services at Pacific Beach Health California. 

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Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

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More often than not, the mental health issues and disorders related to substance abuse occur together. This is because the illegal drugs may instil multiple symptoms of mental health illness in the ones who administer themselves these drugs. The mental health issues can beget alcoholism and drug addiction too.

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People with mental health complications see substance abuse as self-medication. They change the wiring of the brain and suffer from genetic vulnerabilities and they are more likely to be exposed to stress and trauma. It is estimated that one out of four adults facing mental health issues is also a victim of substance abuse.

The issue of substance abuse also becomes more frequent with the ones facing some of these mental health issues: 

1- Depression

2- Anxiety

3- Schizophrenia

4- Personality disorder

Substance use disorders

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Substance use disorders are also known as substance dependence disorders. Some of the symptoms include:

1- Behavioural changes such as:

  • A sudden and sharp drop in the attendance of school or work
  • Getting into frequent troubles like fights, arguments, accidents, etc.
  • Secretive and suspicious behaviour
  • Administering substances in a dangerous situation such as while driving and while using some heavy machinery.
  • Sudden change in behaviour and personality.
  • Change in the sleep cycle and sudden increase or drop in appetite.
  • Depleted motivation
  • Showing fearful and paranoid behaviour without any reason.

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2- Physical changes such as:

  • Red eyes
  • Sudden gain or loss of weight
  • Deteriorated personal hygiene
  • Lack of concern for the personal appearance
  • Slurred speech, bad coordination and shakes.

3- Social changes such as:

  • Sudden change in the friend and social circle
  • Unexplained expenses and regular need of money for unknown reasons.
  • Lack of concern for interpersonal relationships.


Substance abuse is the door to many problems in life you should avoid them by avoiding the substances.

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