BBQs 2u Launched this Summer Kamado Space Table for Kamado Joe BBQ Models

Kamado Space Table for Kamado Joe BBQ Models

BBQs 2u is a family business passionate about BBQs. They are the UK stockers for Kamado Joe, Napoleon & Masterbuilt barbecues. No doubt BBQ is a passion of the majority of homeowners in the UK. With BBQs 2u selling a wide range of BBQ products, life for some people has become quite easier, especially in lockdown.

One of the team members of BBQs 2u mentioned, “With more people staying at home, we saw major growth in the BBQs sales in 2020 and 2021. There are thousands of occasions between April and August, and due to hot weather this year, we saw a rise of 391% in the BBQ sales as people preferred staying at home.”

Due to government restrictions on socializing, fewer people were seen in barbecues and restaurants like the previous year. The unusual rise in hot temperatures this summer has forced people to stay indoors. This has benefited many BBQ companies and retailers.

Kamado Space Table for Kamado Joe BBQ Models

BBQ 2u has been selling Barbecue since 2002. Along with that, they sell accessories for barbecue. They just don’t sell any ordinary barbeques, but products that are compatible with UK climate. Their efficient customer service, shipping, and reasonable price have made them the leading retailer in BBQ in the UK.

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A few days back, one of the customers recently posted, “My first-time experience with BBQs 2u was great. I ordered the beast of the barbecue, the KJ Big Jo and while waiting for it to be delivered, I was continuously provided with the delivery details by BBQ 2u. They provide great service which is only expected from great companies.”

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Another customer mentioned, “I am happy with BBQs 2u service while delivering Big Joe 3. Paul and his team have been extremely helpful and communicated well with us during the delivery process. “

Kamado Space Table for Kamado Joe BBQ Models

Recently, on Aug 2nd, 2021, they stocked their showroom with KamadoSpace Infinite Island.

It is an outdoor cooking island made in Europe. It is a sturdy and durable table that comes with proper space for every accessory, and Kamado Joe grills. It is the best flat table that provides satisfaction while grilling outside.

This summer they have launched two new cabinets for outside garden grilling –

  • KamadoSpace Big Joe – It is designed for users who want to stock king-size equipment like boilers, huge Dutch ovens, and ash vacuum cleaners.
  • KamadoSpace Infinite Island XL – It is for Kamado users with models like Big Joe 2 and 3, Monolith LeChef, and Primo X-Large Charcoal (XL400). It is the perfect KamadoSpace Big Green Egg BBQ model.

Kamado Space Table for Kamado Joe BBQ Models

The first stock that is delivered to the showroom is all assembled. Customers just need to unpack and start using it as an outdoor kitchen. These Kamado tables are made from acid-proof and polished stainless steel. It is heat resistant and easy to clean. Looking at last year’s and current year’s hot weather trends, it can be said that this table is suitable for the UK climate.

Socializing at home is the best way of staying safe from epidemics and hot weather. Stick to the plan and get the best Kamado Joe BBQ model from BBQs 2u. On July 30th, 2021, they released a post that even during the lockdown period they were able to manage huge stock of Kamado Joe models.

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