Statamic Benefits and Differences with Other CMS

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Content Management Systems [CMS] differ from one another. Each CMS has varied traits and features. No one is tied to a specific CMS, but certainly has their favorites. WordPress is an extremely popular and widely applied CMS, but some web developers prefer Statamic.

What’s Statamic?

It is a user-friendly and visually simple Content Management System. The system is designed around PHP and Laravel ecosystem. The coolest aspect about Statamic is that it can adjust to your existing requirements. Even though it is based on files by default, it has data support. It can be transformed into a static site. You can use it as a headless CMS or front-to-back CMS.

Steadfast Collective software development company partner’s officially with Statamic developers. For content and marketing management Statamic is great. It is not just user-friendly, but flexible to publish content as you want and quickly links with the remaining web pages.

The dashboard of Statamic is clear and hierarchical. Within a few minutes, you will understand how the CMS works. There is no need for HTML or coding skills. It is perfect for projects on the client side. It is a comprehensive CMS offering drag-and-drop features. Thus, creating digital content and web design is easy.

Statamic vs. WordPress

Some key differences between Statamic and WordPress are –

  • In-built features – Both are perfect CMS but the distinguishable factor is that Statamic needs no 3rd party plugins. You have the core features and no concerns about the proper working and reliability of plugin sources.
  • Consistency – Over many years since its inception WordPress has evolved significantly. The website can be designed in multiple ways, which can confuse. On the other hand, Statamic has a similar structure, which offers the flexibility to move to another and know where to begin.
  • Customize functionality – Statamic has Laravel as the backend framework, so the website can be tailored according to business needs.

Statamic was intended to design customized websites, while WordPress, which was a simple blog at the start has evolved to include every legacy issue.

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Statamic vs. Laravel & PHP

Technically, Statamic is based on the Laravel ecosystem, so it can enjoy the associated benefits. Non-tech people must know that the outcome will be the same. PHP programming language is also used means there will be lots of paid and open-source packages available.

It even indicates that if the claimed rich features cannot do the needed tasks, a reliable Statamic developer can help to design and develop your project and integrate it into Statamic. You can even install Statamic into the existing Laravel app and add new sections like Press Releases or blogs. It can manage existing data or function as headless CMS.

Other CMS
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To understand the benefits of using Statamic let’s first understand it’s working.

Flat-file content management

Statamic is a flat-file CMS driven by static files. No database is available between the content and the app. Your content is the application. In the CMS niche, this is a revolutionary structure because database errors are responsible for bug attacks.

Creating a sans database website has its benefits –

  • Speed – The latest PHP version runs on the server and as there is no database query involved the response is quick.
  • Security – Hackers target databases first but sans database means no concerns.
  • Version control – Databases are impossible to store in version-controlled systems. With files-only sites editing, deployment, and migration are straightforward.
  • Simplicity – editing and managing files is easy for developers. No configuration between development, local, and production is needed, so the website development process is speedy.

Ease of content administration

Statamic software is well-functional. It has an appealing interface allowing a great admin experience. Users can take some time to understand the program as they switched from an outdated CMS, but the moment they start using it they will enjoy working with Statamic.

Customizable and scalable

Statamic is extendable, which is ideal for small businesses. What if you wish to customize the design or functionality? Fortunately, Laravel and PHP framework is the foundation for the Statamic program. Laravel allows creating of add-ons and extending core functionality just like WP plugins.

Search-engine friendly

Statamic is a secure and robust CMS that is speedy, hard to hack, and offers an outstanding user experience. Google adores websites that load speedily and also prioritizes mobile friendliness during search results.

Statamic is easy to use, secure, loads, quickly, and mobile-friendly. Its price is worth every dollar!

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