What Are the Various Benefits of Learning French at A Level?

Learning French at A level is nowadays considered an excellent qualification, which may take students to new heights in the world of French.

Don’t restrict your French learning to the following few conversations only:


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  • Talking about your pets
  • Talking about your family
  • What do you like to eat?
  • What clothes do you like to wear?

Now it is also necessary to learn about French culture so that you can think like a French and conduct yourself like a native speaker in the French-speaking world.

At Learn&Co, students will get transformed from simple, general communicators to connoisseurs of French literature and culture and they will be ready for their next step in the adventure of learning the French language.

Today, French has acquired the position of one of the key global languages of the world. Almost 74 million people in the world speak French that includes France and also former French colonies.

By speaking French well, you can get many travel and work opportunities. As per the report published in 2013 report of the British Council, French is going to be the ‘Language for the Future’, as almost 49% of businesses in the UK are looking for employees who can confidently speak French.

Therefore, studying this language is going to offer you a great boost to your career. By 2050, it is projected that almost 750 million people will speak French. Hence speaking in the French language is now considered a powerful skill that one must have.

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Let us now discuss a few benefits of learning French at A level.

Improve your writing skills in French

By studying A-Level French, you can also learn writing skills in French and you will be capable to write essays, articles, and emails in different styles. Also, your vocabulary will increase and help you to interpret road alerts, signs, and notices.

Can improve your English too

Knowing French can also improve your English vocabulary as almost 40 to 50% of English vocabulary is derived from French.

Also, by studying French your grammar skills will also enhance. As a result, your skills in English will also get sharpened.

Academic Benefits of Studying French


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Studying French offers a range of academic benefits too besides the work and travel opportunities.

If you are keen to study at the university level a few subjects like Philosophy, Theatre, or Literature, then your French language knowledge can offer you benefits, because of its historical association with all these subjects.

New career opportunities

When you consider career opportunities, the ability to speak French can be very beneficial. There are many jobs where your language skills can be used indirectly and you can actively employ them in your profession.

These are a few career options you could consider:

1. French teacher/tutor

If you prefer to work with young people and are interested to pass on your linguistic knowledge, the profession of teaching is a rewarding career for you.

To be a qualified French teacher all you need is to have a degree in French and a postgraduate teaching qualification.

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2. French translator

If your French-speaking capability reaches a certain level then you can be considered as a bilingual translator. The career as a French translator is a very interesting career.

As a translator, you can be a freelancer or can work on a contract basis for many companies.

You may also choose to specialize in certain different areas of translation, like:

  • Medical translation
  • Legal translation.

3. Travel and tourism

As part of your career, traveling is an exciting prospect. With A-Level French you can explore many opportunities in the sector of travel and tourism.

For example, you may work as:

  • A travel agent
  • Airline crew
  • Holiday representative.

4. Marketing


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Because of the rapid internet growth, businesses can now sell their products and services to any customer in the world.

Therefore, many marketing and PR jobs are looking for candidates who can speak a second language

Therefore, French knowledge can be a huge asset for you. Any employer will look for a language A-Level, thus French will open up a new career door for jobs both at home as well as internationally.


French is now spoken in many parts of the world and its influence is increasing day by day. Learning French at A level can offer you many benefits in your career and many opportunities will be open for you.

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