How To Prepare Your Body And Mind For Meditation

If you think meditation is a waste of time — think again. When you encounter someone who uses a meditation singing bowl or someone who allots time for yoga, they’re actually doing a low-cost and safe technique to help them relax, wind down, and clear stressful thoughts off their beings.

Meditation is generally categorized into two: concentration and mindfulness meditation. The former refers to turning your attention into one focal point (it can be a thing you’d certainly look at or a word you’d repeatedly say). The latter, on the other hand, encourages people to be more aware of their own thoughts.

Whichever type of meditation you’re planning to do, one thing is for sure: you need to prepare your mind and body for it. But how can this be done? Check out these tips:

Identify your goals.

Body And Mind For Meditation

Constantly remind yourself of the reasons why you want to meditate. Fire up your motivation and identify the goals you wish to achieve by the end of every meditation session.

Be diligent.

No matter what type of meditation you’re doing (e.g use of a meditation singing bowl), one of the most important rules to follow is to be diligent. Commit yourself, your energy, and time to practicing this relaxation technique. Embody this mindset and see for yourself the perks you’d get from doing constant, regular meditation.

Take note of possible distractions.

Body And Mind For Meditation

Before meditating, it’s important to review and take note of things or thoughts that might distract you, like a lingering argument with a relative or an unresolved concern at work.

Avoid eating before meditating.

To help your mind and body concentrate on the meditation process itself, it’s advisable not to eat before you meditate. If you can’t avoid it, consume only a light meal.

Find a quiet space.

Body And Mind For Meditation

Whether it’s in your own room or in a place outside your house, make sure that the venue where you’ll do the meditation (may it be aided by things like a meditation singing bowl or not) is a quiet one. While no area is 100% quiet, pick a place where you can concentrate, relax, and be comfortable.

Wear comfortable clothing.

To further give you that much-needed sense of respite and solace, it is also recommended to wear comfortable clothing. Throughout the period of meditation, you need to make your body is fully relaxed and not stiff.

Wear comfortable clothing

Check your posture.

Speaking of your body, before meditating, it is a must to check your posture first. Straighten your back and check if it is aligned with your head and neck.

Doing some physical activity matters.

Always remember that meditation doesn’t only involve the mind — it pays to do some physical activity as well. You can practice yoga poses to help loosen up your body and improve brain function.

Body And Mind For Meditation

Breathe. Breathing is an essential part of meditation. If you want your meditation to be fully effective, take some time to inhale, hold, and exhale your breath. You can even make use of some meditation music to listen to while doing this one.

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