Break Fast

Jaco Haasbroek

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Artist Statement:

I am an illustrator and designer living in Cape Town, South Africa. I've always known that I wanted to be an artist. I love drawing with pencil on paper. Nothing beats it. When I paint, I like working with acrylic. It's not an easy road, being an artist, it’s both challenging and rewarding, but there's nothing else I'd rather do. It's something that requires creative thinking and execution. It's quite difficult knowing where ideas come from or when inspiration will strike. I feel you have to be open to new things. I like making observations, looking for connections and changing my perspective to try and fuel new ideas. If you don't keep exploring you might find yourself running on empty. Sometimes inspiration strikes when you least expect it and comes from an unlikely source. It can take on many forms and you have to put yourself out there and allow it to find you. For me, just thinking about things or simply talking about a variety of subjects can somehow be enough. If you've found the thing you're passionate about, work hard and things will fall into place.

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