Celebrate a Birthday on a Catamaran in Tenerife

A birthday comes only once a year, which means its celebration should be of a high standard. With close people, one wants to retire to a quiet place, drink delicious beverages, and recall interesting life stories.

Such a style can be celebrated at home or in a restaurant. But, this is already a “worn-out theme”. And if it’s a milestone date, then all efforts should be put into organizing the birthday.

One of the popular options nowadays is to order a catamaran for a birthday. The holiday on the vessel will be remembered for a long time, especially since the trip takes place on the ocean in Tenerife.

Birthday on a Catamaran

If money is very tight, then such an option may not be suitable. But, when the budget allows – why not? No guest will forget such a celebration. Moreover, such a rest in nature can be fully called comfortable.

Being on a boat, there is a unique opportunity to admire the landscapes of Tenerife. A birthday on a catamaran is a decision of reasonable people with big ambitions. This way the holiday will be remembered for a lifetime.

Having a photoshoot and getting beautiful shots, there will be something to tell and most importantly show your children.

Before ordering a vessel, you need to decide on the number of guests. Also, you need to take into account the duration of the birthday (how many hours to rent a catamaran in Tenerife).

Some people are quiet enough for 3 hours, while others rent for a full 5-8 hours. It’s not advisable to order a big boat. Unless you are a wealthy businessman and are celebrating an anniversary.

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You should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • the ship needs to be decorated with festive attributes.
  • drinks and dishes can be provided by the lessor (for an additional fee) or organized independently. In the second case, you need to take care of this in advance.
  • think in advance about which route the walk will take.

Celebrate a Birthday on a Catamaran

Renting a catamaran in Tenerife is easiest on special websites. Nowadays the choice of vessels is quite large, just 5 years ago everything was different.

A catamaran for 10-250 people can be ordered from the company Rent Boat Tenerife. To clarify all the questions, it’s advisable to contact the managers.

The boat is a good alternative to restaurants in the warm season. On deck, you can have fun parties, dance, and frolic.

By hiring a DJ or setting up your own audio system, you can create an incredible atmosphere. To do all this, you need to add the picturesque shores of Tenerife, which will never leave your memory.

If the boat is rented until late at night, it’s reasonable to think about disco devices and corresponding lighting systems. A good host will help to cheer up the guests. Use his services if the budget allows.

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