Common Ecommerce Website Designing Mistakes to Avoid

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Internet is the massive marketplace succeeding traditional shopping in brick & mortar stores. In the last decade, online shopping is the trend and so there is a plethora of eCommerce stores emerging rapidly. It is an appealing idea to enter the e-commerce niche but is also a challenging task. The digital market is evolving around the clock and is becoming a crowded space. It keeps all the online companies, wholesalers, and retailers on an edge enforcing them to optimize each aspect of their digital business.

In this brutally competitive marketplace, a small error can be damaging to your eCommerce company. The nastiest scenario is when these mistakes pop up in the middle of a transaction and hamper customer experience. To worsen the matter even more, finding the error and resolving it becomes hard.

To avoid mistakes with eCommerce website design, increase website ranking, enhance consumer experience and handle all kinds of technical glitches, you need to hire an ideal eCommerce web development service.

Statamic Development Company has smart and creative professionals that have been offering clients fully-functional and user-friendly eCommerce websites. With a little care and proper planning, online eCommerce businesses can avoid mistakes. If you have already made some errors then the majority of them are easily fixable. Avoid errors to enhance the customer’s shopping experience on your eCommerce website.

Lack of information details

At the physical stores, consumers get a chance to hold, look at, and feel the product. They even read the information on the labels or packaging. Online shopping eliminates this interaction. Therefore, online retailers need to take steps, so that consumers can enjoy this kind of interaction. If the product lacks information then customers wonder about product specifics and move somewhere else to look for it. Unless your product price is less than competitors, they will possibly purchase from another website.

Provide product information in detail using descriptive terms and not technical jargon!

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Lack of sharing or hiding of contact details

Consumers are handing in their bank details, so they will want to find out if they are connected with a legitimate business. They look for contact details because, in case of an issue with the product or delivery, they can discuss it with a real person. If the eCommerce site lacks or hides contact details they will possibly lose trust and go away never to return.

Place contact details in the vicinity [header, sidebar, or footer] on every webpage!

The confusing or lengthy checkout process

It is the most damaging error eCommerce store owners make. Ensure that the steps associated with checkouts are as less as possible. A long checkout process can frustrate the consumer and he abandons the cart and leaves the website to shop elsewhere.

An ideal checkout process comprises a single page to check orders, enter billing & delivery details, and a confirmation page before order submission. A single step more is an obstacle to the checkout process completion.

Follow an ideal model and if you need to add other pages make it short!

The shopping cart design is poor

A shopping cart is crucial for an eCommerce platform. It has to add several products, revise quantities and stay transparent. The cart has to return back to the last webpage users were on. It is a challenge to design it accurately.

Customers must be allowed to edit like removing an item or adding more quantity to the cart. They also need to get a preview of shipping charges before the checkout process. Poor shopping cart design can put off customer experience.

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