Darcy the Flying Hedgehog - Pinwheel

Shota Tsukamoto

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Artist Statement:

That popular Instagram account talked about in the foreign media and on the Internet has been made into a book of photographs!
The female hedgehog I took as a pet one spring is a playful tomboy, short-tempered, and prone to sleep a lot. One moment she’s got her quills bristling; the next moment she’s rolling around in my hand or playing on the desk. Offered here on My Modern Shop are some cute stylish photographs of adorable Darcy, the cutest hedgehog in the world, in all her colorful variety of facial expressions!
My hedgehog with her snow-white downy fur, pink face, and bright sharp quills seemed just like a little girl, so I named her Darcy. With these pictures I want to make Darcy, living here with me now, known to people around the world. I hope the little hedgehog I came across one spring who is curled up in my hand will fly to everyone who looks at this photograph and perhaps grow to be a much, much bigger hedgehog than the one I know.
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