Basic Points of Difference Between Commercial and Residential Painting Job

Commercial painting

it is a popularly held misconception that every paint job is the same because all you have to do is to roll the brush on the wall. Well, that is not right. The choice of getting a painter is governed by the type of painting that you want to get done. Residential painting is very different from the paint job at a commercial place.

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Difference between a commercial and residential paint job

commercial and residential paint
Professional interior construction worker pouring green color to paint

1- Scale: the first difference between the commercial and residential painting is the scale of the painting. Since residential homes are relatively small, the scale of painting at commercial places like an office building is larger and more hectic. This exacts more equipment and logistics.

2- Material required: the most prominent difference between commercial and residential painting is the materials that are taken into use. Equipment such as pressure washers, sandblasters, paint sprayers, scaffoldings, etc is very common in use in commercial paint jobs. The paint used at commercial scales too is different.

Residential painters use those tools, which are easy to procure and do not dig a hole in the pocket. Simple paint brushes and rollers, ladders, paint trays, and other equipment of a similar sort can easily suffice the need for the residential paint job.

residential paint

3- Knowledge and skills: the knowledge and skills required for commercial painting are much different than those required by residential painting. Since commercial painters are bound to scale tall buildings and paint them, safety becomes the top concern of such painters. Commercial painters follow a set of safety measures in their paint job.

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Besides that, they are required to apply paint to different surfaces like metal, wood, concrete, marble, etc. commercial painters have the knowledge of handling all such tasks thrown at them.

4- Team size: the size of the team varies from task to task. In most cases, the square footage governs the size of the team and 2-3 painters suffice a commercial project. The size of the team will also depend on the time frame, which is provided to finish the task.

Commercial painting


Since there are many differences between commercial and residential painting, you must get the right painter for your task. This would help you in getting the rightly deserved best services at the right cost.

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