Different Types of Scratches You Can Find On Your Car

Different Types of Scratches You Can Find On Your Car

Developing a scratch on the car is very common and almost impossible to avoid entirely. Most probably your car must have developed a handful of scratches, but they all may not be the same, as there can always be different types of scratches. All these scratches can affect the paint of your car in different ways and need different types of treatment to fix.

While there are a few scratches that can be fixed within a few minutes using a single product, others may need a lot more time and also a few advanced techniques. Getting a scratch on the car is not just annoying, but also it may expose your paint or even the metal beneath. As a result, the resale value of your car may become less.

different types of treatment to fix.

Luckily, your paint scratches will not damage your car, if you know how you must take care of them. You have to approach different techniques to fix each type of scratch based on depth.

You can find plenty of information about scratch removing methods on the 10bestranked website, which can be quite useful to know not only for an academic reason, but it can help you to maintain the overall appearance of your car, which is one of the most expensive possession.

Now let us discuss briefly in this article, a few different kinds of scratches that you may quite often find on your car too.

your car may become less.

  • Clearcoat scratches

Usually, these clear coat scratches are very light scratches that can only affect the outer layer of the car. You may call it a clear coat scratch when the scratch does not damage the color and only its clear coat has taken all the damage.

Of course, you will not prefer to have any type of scratch marks on your car, but in case you ever get such scratch then it is the best type of scratch that you can hope for.

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  • Paint scratches

Most often your car may get paint scratches, which may extend down into the enamel layer of your car. Usually, for paint scratches, you have to rub out the scratch by using fine-grit sandpaper and also use an abrasive compound before you apply again a clear coat by using an aerosol spray.

Color coat scratches

  • Color coat scratches

Color coat scratches are those where the damage has completely penetrated through your clear coat and also the color coat has taken the hit.

  • Deep scratches

Deep scratches may extend down into the primer layer too and also sometimes it may extend up to the bare metal of the car. If your car has developed this kind of scratch then its repair will be a little more extensive as compared to the above types of scratches.

car Scratches

In the type of any deep scratches, while repairing them, you need to clean and fill the scratch, by applying a new enamel paint layer. After that, proper buffing is done of the scratched area.

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