Common Co-Occurring Disorders Which Are Associated With Substance Abuse

Common co-occurring disorders are common in those individuals who are seeking treatment for any substance use addiction. Almost 50% of those individuals, who are addicted to any substance use, are struggling with mental health issues. Even pre-existing mental health illness catalyzes being an alcohol or drug addict.

Substance Abuse

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Common Co-Occurring Disorders

  • Anxiety – Generalized anxiety disorder is observed in those people who have a tendency to frequent panic or anxiety attacks. Few symptoms of insomnia, nausea, and restlessness are also observed. People have a general tendency to choose alcohol or drugs as a temporary reliever when they are under frequent panic or anxiety attacks. There are few medicated drugs for anxiety, which catalyzes to be an alcohol addict
  • Bipolar Disorder – Bipolar disorder patients are generally very much prone to being addicted to alcohol or drugs. This mental illness causes severe irregularities in the chemical composition of the brain and painful panic attacks. To get relief those patients choose self-medication as alcohol or drugs. In no time this combination of bipolar disorder and alcohol or drug consumption leads to being a substance addict.
  • Eating Disorder – Severe eating disorders are observed in individuals who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Most often peoples consume different medicines to boost their confidence while suppressing their appetite. This condition often leads to body disfigurations. They always face an inferiority complex due to their body structure. This disorder is not specified to any particular age group and can be seen at any phase of life.
  • Personality And Mood Disorder – Obsessive-compulsive disorder and borderline personality disorder are such personalities and mood disorders are some reasons to become substance use addicts. Borderline disorder is more common and shows some unusual symptoms like mood swings, violent behavior, and intense emotional imbalance. These individuals face difficulty in maintaining cordial relationships with other people, and hence turn up to be alcohol or drug addict.
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – It is very commonly found in individuals of tender age and early adults. Its symptoms are hyperactivity, restlessness, focus inefficiency, and impulsive behavior. This condition is totally curable using doctor-prescribed medication and stimulants. Early adults try to suppress these symptoms using self-medication like alcohol or drugs, as these substances give temporary relief. With time they become alcohol or drug dependent.
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Substance Abuse

Substance use disorder is on its own catastrophic in nature. Without taking the expert guidance and proper treatment, it can’t be permanently cured. Individuals who are struggling with this issue, be quick to have treatment for it. Otherwise, it might lead to deadly consequences.

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