5 Reasons Why Display Advertising Is A Powerful Marketing Tool For Small Businesses

Today display ads are seen everywhere. It can appear on any kind of website. Small businesses can reach relevant customers using visual ads including CTAs. Display advertising differs from the PPC ads or search ads that you see on SERPs. PPC ads are shown on search engines, when people come in search of something, while display ads are seen on sites that seekers visit from the search engine.

What’s display advertising?

display advertising

It’s an advertising method that uses visuals including videos or images on publishing platforms like Facebook, Google Display Network, etc. On relevant 3rd party sites, the display ads are placed in form of text, images, or banner ads. Display advertising is an umbrella term that includes every visual ad but can be categorized.

  1. Site placement advertising – Marketers Choose the website to run display ads.
  2. Contextual advertising – Networks place the ads on relevant websites.
  3. Remarketing – Users who visited a website but left without finishing the conversion goal are targets for remarketing display ads.

Active marketing offers multiple SEO and digital marketing services including display advertising services. Proper optimization of display ads along with the right target market enables marketers to increase their marketing ROI.

5 Reasons why display advertising is a powerful marketing tool for small businesses

display advertising

Visually appealing

The first advantage of a display ad is that it can be well-designed and styled. The standard PPC ads include only text. It has to comply with the character counts, which limits how quickly and effectively the ad can capture attention to convey the brand message. Alternatively, display ads can use video, audio, graphics, and branding elements to grab viewers’ attention.

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Increases visibility and brand awareness

To gain new customers, there is a need to show them your business exists. A study indicates that customers need to encounter a brand 10X before they decide to make a purchase decision. Display ads allow playing offensive and going upfront.

Getting your brand before potential customers even before they need your products or services several times can influence their decision whenever they genuinely need your products or services. The name of your brand is etched in their memory and they think about your stuff the moment they need it.

display advertising

Precise targeting

Digital marketing campaigns need to be aimed at a precise audience, just like PPC and other ads. In-display ads, you can create particular parameters like which geographic locations, on which websites, and which niche market your display ads will appear. For example, a restaurant owner can target customers living in their location and visit food-related websites.

Allows ad retargeting 

Ad retargeting means showing the display ads to people based on their purchase history including the ones that visited your site and did not convert. It allows bringing lingered users back to your website. A customer showed interest in the product you are selling but cannot decide. There is a need for a final push and your display retargeting process allows going the extra mile to close a deal successfully.

Are measurable

Marketing performance needs to be monitored and measured. Display ad strategy is to create brand awareness; it helps to see the impressive numbers your ads received.

Display advertising is a smart marketing strategy to create general awareness early and even attract existing customers again with offers and deals.

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