Find The Perfect Earring For You As per Your Face Shape

There are times while getting ready you think nothing is working. A lady wishes to look fabulous and classy. Ladies change their outfits, again and again, change their hairstyle, but still fail to get what they want. You don’t need anything, just a pair of suitable earrings. It can bring life to your look.

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One of the must-have accessories is a pair of earrings. You must carefully select your earrings. Earrings may brighten up your look and bring color to your personality. A pair of earrings enhance your best features. Earrings have no worth if it doesn’t suit your face shape.

Instead of complementing your face and covering your flaws, it will make you look weird. Rather than choosing earrings because they are in trend, it is essential to pick one complementing your natural beauty. The Sitara Jewelry has a large selection of earrings to choose from, making it simple to pick the right pair for your face shape and personal style. From studs to drop earrings, the Sitara Collection has something for everyone.

The Sitara collection aims to satisfy even the pickiest buyers by offering top-quality material with the finest craftsmanship. Girls make many mistakes while buying earrings as they avoid considering the main aspects. In order to find the best earrings suitable for you, first thing is to know what to look for.

What to consider while buying earrings?

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Do you know earrings can make your face look thin, wide, chubby, and narrow depending on the shape of your face? While shopping for earrings, don’t just rush for the beautiful one, but consider –

  • The shape of your face
  • The bone structure
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your style personality
  • Your complexion

How will you know what type of earrings will suit your face shape? Here, is a guide to choosing earrings according to your face shape.

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Types of earrings best for your face shape

Your forehead is the widest part of your face with a pointing and narrow chin it means you have an inverted triangle-shaped face. It is similar to the heart – shape. Tear-drop and chandelier earrings suit your face shape perfectly.

The Oval face does not have a large forehead, and the line from the forehead to the higher cheekbones integrates smoothly. Women with this type of face shape are the luckiest ones because they can wear all kinds of earrings. Everything looks great on you, whether triangle earrings or plain studs.

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The round face has wider cheekbones with a narrow jawline and forehead. Teardrop or dangling earrings are the best ones to compliment this face shape. The square shape face has the same width from the forehead to the jawline. Women with this face type should wear round-edged or giant hoops earrings.

The most defining characteristic of a narrow face is the length. Short dangles with volume suits such as face shape the best.

Teardrop-shaped dangle earrings perfectly balance the features of a heart-shaped face. A diamond-shaped face’s best feature is its cheekbones. Earrings with a larger diameter are ideal for you.

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