Frisker unveils a little more electric Emotion

view of the electric vehicle.

Last November, the manufacturer Frisker unveiled the first official photos of Emotion. To the images of the front and the profile is added the rear view of the electric vehicle. The electric car, which oscillates between the sedan and the coupe, is now fully unveiled by Frisker, who until now had presented the car only face and profile. Mounted on a frame of carbon fiber and aluminum, one can recognize at the rear of the vehicle a similarity with other previously presented designs.

The LED headlights, with their tapered profile, cover the back of the vehicle from one end to the other. The general visual of Emotion is generous and fluid, with almost sensual lines. Under the hood of this car, there will be full electricity powered by a lithium-ion battery. According to the manufacturer, the autonomy of this one would be 650 km. The Emotion will be officially presented to the automotive press at the Salon de Detroit on January 9th.

Frisker unveils a little more electric Emotion

Karma Revere, the renaissance of Frisker design

Henrik Fisker is a renowned designer. We owe him in particular the BMW Z8, the Aston Martin DB9, but it is for the car that bears his name, the Fisker Karma, that he will go down in history. Exceptionally designed, which continues to turn heads, the Fisker Karma was a luxury and performance car, partially electric. Unfortunately, the car with the sexy silhouette did not show the same success in terms of engine.

It was particularly notable for reliability that was more than deficient, an unfortunate tendency to catch fire, and was equipped with an infotainment system whose multiple problems have largely defrayed the headline. In short, Fisker Karma failed to overcome its problems, and the company did not survive.

Since then, a Chinese company, Waning, has taken over the reins of the company and has just confirmed the revival of the car. Building on the strengths of Karma, the new car will retain, almost unmodified, the unique silhouette of the original Karma. But the newcomer, the Revere, will rely on many improvements to carve out a place in the luxury green car covers market.

full electricity

Thus, even if precise details are not yet available, Karma Automobile has confirmed that the Revere will be equipped with a solar panel vase housed on the roof, whose mission is to propel the car and not to feed the cars. Accessories as is currently the case in other pluggable cars. However, we do not know what will be the charging time or the autonomy of the vehicle.

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Another notable improvement, the multimedia, and infotainment system will be simplified, Karma going so far as to specify on his website that “if you need 200 additional pages in the user manual to understand your system, go your way.” Finally, to prove its determination to produce a luxury car with a flawless finish, each Karma Revere car will be decorated with a hand-painted logo. It will take until September 8 to get more details on this new super electric car.

The Fisker Karma becomes the VLF Destine

performance car, partially electric

The Fisker Karma, this stylish electric car is no longer a long time, the company has closed its doors in 2012 for lack of orders and funds. Two companies, however, decided to take over and revive the car’s spectacular style. Thus, a group of former shareholders of Fisker Automotive is still trying to revive the ashes of what remains of the company. Then there is VLF, an American company with a major shareholder, the L of the name of the company, is none other than Bob Lutz, a true legend in the world of the automobile. Lutz is also among the first customers to get their hands on the first VLF car, the Destine, a vehicle that takes the silhouette and platform of the Fisker Karma but forgets the electric aspect.

Under the hood of this supercar, announced in 2013 but whose deliveries are just beginning, there is a 6.2-liter V8 supercharged engine developing some 638 horses and capable of achieving the 0-100 km / h in less than 4 seconds. Lutz, who is considered the father of the Chevrolet Volt, has partnered with Gilbert Villa real and Henrik Fisker himself for the realization of this supercar whose selling price is around 230 000 US $. VLF also plans to market another car of the same kind, based this time on the Dodge Viper. Meanwhile, Karma Automotive is trying to revive a pluggable version of Karma Fisker, renamed Karma Revere, and hopes to demonstrate the prototype in July.

shareholders of Fisker Automotive

Katy Perry buys five Fisker Karma

The 1st of April is not yet past, then we can use the day of April fool to explain this new special from Hollywood. It seems that the singer Katy Perry would have bought five Fisker Karma to give to his team of assistants.

But there are several elements in this story that do not match. In the first place, the amount spent by the singer was about 500 000 US $ according to several sources for the five cars. But the value of the Fisker Karma has dropped significantly for several months, and even though Mrs. Perry had been able to find 5 new Fisker Karma, their price should not have been so high.

In addition, one of Katy Perry’s friends reportedly claimed that the Friskers were completely electric and that the singer would have bought them to do their part for the environment. First, the Fisker Karma is not electric cars, but rather plug-in hybrid cars. Secondly, the green luxury car right now is the Tesla Model S, and it’s a more logical choice given the uncertainty surrounding Fisker.

the singer Katy Perry

In short, there are several elements that hang with this story, besides the official source, the Daily Star, no longer posts the article on its site

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