Get to Know HP Black And Tri-color Ink Cartridges

HP printers make use of two common types of ink cartridge combinations –

  1. Black – The cartridge is full of black ink
  2. Tri-color – There are three chambers filled with yellow, magenta, and cyan ink.

This ancient ink pairing has an integrated print head. Therefore, whenever a cartridge is replaced, you replace the print head. It is a popular combination because they are compatible with less costly inkjet printers.

hp It is also a cool option for people wanting to save upfront money on a printer as they use a printer rarely. On the other hand, people using printers frequently will need quick replacement as the cartridge pairing is filled with minimal ink amount and the printing cost can add quickly.

Popular black & tri-color combination cartridges you can buy range from HP 60 to HP 65 and HP 67. All the cartridges available in the series seem the same, so people may think about using any one of them. Remember that, even if the cartridge looks similar and fits in your printer they will not print —for example, HP ink 63 cartridges will never work in printers designed to use HP ink 64 cartridges.

The main reason is that the cartridge side has a golden chip coded uniquely to function with specific printer series. If the chips code does not match the printer then it will reject to print.

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Replacement HP ink cartridge sizes

  1. Standard yield
  2. High yield [XL]

You can even buy extra high yield for some printers but are not available widely. The size does not matter because cartridge installation is the same in every printer. It means the physical cartridge is the same in every kind of yield yet the ink amount inside is different.

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A higher yield is equivalent to more prints! Even if high yield cartridges are costly, they offerink

 low cost per print, thus you can save cash down the road. For example –

  • HP 962 standard yield black costs $32.99 and its yield is 1,000 pages…so, the per-page cost is 3.2 cents.
  • HP 962XL black high yield costs $44.99 and its yield is 2,000 pages…so, the per-page cost is 2.2 cents.
  • HP 966XXL extra black high yield costs $53.99 and its yield is 3,000 pages…so, the per-page cost is 1.7 cents.

Frequent print users can choose higher yield cartridges as they obtain more value.

HP-664-InkHP uses dye or pigment-based ink in its cartridges. Dye-based ink creates vibrant colors needed for photo printing. Pigment-based ink prints text much better. For example, HP 63 black cartridge includes pigment-based ink, while HP 63 tri-color cartridge uses dye-based ink. The HP ink can last for a maximum of 2 years in sealed packaging. HP 63 series has an integrated print head, so they are expensive.

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