Moving To Newly Built Home? Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned First

Once you have finally chosen your new home, you might be excited and in a rush to get settled in your new home. However, you should be prepared before you start sleeping in your new house. Many people tend to neglect to have things done to the home before moving in, and one of those things includes getting Air duct cleaning Fairfax VA. It is something that you should never forget to do if you get a new home or apartment. Here are some reasons why you should get your air ducts cleaned before moving into your newly built home.

Air Ducts Cleaned First


Whether your home is newly built or went under construction, you should definitely get your air ducts cleaned out. One of the biggest reasons as to why is because of the dust build-up that could be in your air ducts. Typically most construction workers try to clean out the ducts after they have finished building the house, but there tends to be a lot of debris leftover. If your house that’s being built has a contract, try to check if it includes air duct cleaning or finds a way to add it in. If not, you can contact a reliable air duct cleaning Fairfax VA service to help you. Dust can clog up your nose while you’re in your new home and cause you to get sick and feel uncomfortable, especially if you have dust allergies.

Air Ducts Cleaned First

Duct Report

Some nasty things that can be residing in the air ducts are molds, pollen, and dust. Mold can cause a lot of health issues if a person keeps breathing it for a period of time while pollen and dust can spark up allergies and clog your nostrils, making you feel like you have a constant stuffy nose. Whether the home is old or new, you should always get your air ducts cleaned regularly. This will help prevent and kill any of those molds, dust, and pollen that might be hidden in your air ducts and keep you healthy.

Air Ducts Cleaned First

Renovation Residue

You shouldn’t only be cleaning out the air ducts of old or brand new homes. If you got some construction or renovation done in your home, you should definitely get your air ducts cleaned. Prior to starting renovations, be sure to seal off the air ducts to lessen the amount of dust that would go in the air ducts while renovations happen. You should also then have your air ducts cleaned after renovations to make sure everything is good to go. This is very important to do for rather old homes because lead paint and asbestos can cause future problems. These can cause very serious health issues, just like the mold, so be sure to not skip out on this step.

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Air Ducts Cleaned First

If you want to make sure your house is full of fresh air and keep your health in check, you ought to make sure you get your air ducts cleaned regularly and especially after any construction or for newly bought homes.

Air duct cleaning in Fairfax VA

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