Basic Information about Golf that a Beginner take note

If you are really interested in playing golf, then your determination to learn will bring you to success. Playing this sport looks so easy because you just need to use a club, make a swing, hit that ball, and let it go to the ground hole. But, this will only happen if you can play well. Therefore, enough practice is needed to master the required skill. You will not simply go to the golf course and grab your tool. You have to get dressed properly, focus on playing, and follow the rules.

As a beginner, you have a lot of things to prepare. Having a set of golf clubs won’t be enough to brag to everybody that you are playing golf. You need to learn how to use these tools, especially on how you swing it. Because your style is how people will know you. Apart from that, you have to master playing golf in different courses with various terrains. The ground may be grassy, wet, or shiny. Make sure that you will get used to such playing environments. Sites like ND Golf may help you with a list of golf courses, where you may start learning. You can always choose, where you will feel comfortable playing.

Golf that a Beginner take note

Now, I know how determined you are to learn this sport because you won’t be wasting money, time, and effort with it. All you need to do is to be patient, prepare yourself physically and mentally. Of course, do not forget that you must know the basics first, I know that you are just starting to learn golf, so you may not know that much yet. But, do take a lesson in your locality. And then, we also have here a few pieces of information that may help you.

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The Golf Clubs

Know your tools because you will be using this throughout the game. Actually, there are 12 clubs in your bag though some carry 14. There were 4 sets of these clubs, such as woods, hybrid, iron, and putter. The woods come with 3 clubs that are used in hitting a long shot like 175 yards onwards from the tee to the green. Your clubs are designed with a loft, which will be very helpful in performing an angle.

Golf that a Beginner take note

The hybrid clubs are designed with an iron length shaft and a fairway wood head combined. They said that this is the best club to use when it comes to performance and distance. An iron club is used when your distance from the green is 200 yards or less. If you are closer to the green, then you have to use a higher iron.

You also have a special iron club – the wedges or blade clubs. For example, you have the pitching wedge or PW with a 46 – 48 degrees loft. The wedges increase the loft by 4 degrees. Do not forget a very special club called, the putters. It is usually used to get your ball into the course hole. You should find out more about putters because this club would be very useful to you someday.

Golf that a Beginner take note

Take Golf Lessons

Sports have always been an interesting activity. So, do not hesitate to take some lessons. If you can get a good teacher, then you would surely know more than learning on your own. Sometimes, it is not enough to just read the rules and etiquette of this sport. It would be nice if there is someone, who can tell you more about this. I know that you have a lot of questions and by merely reading, you cannot always get an answer. In my opinion, a professional is really needed to avoid mistakes later on.

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Do you know that having a golf instructor can lead you to a speedy improvement? Well, I know that this is what you need. Some people take time before learning. But, practicing with your instructor can really be a good factor in enhancing your skills.

Golf Beginner take note

Choose your golf course

When you are just starting to learn golf, you just need a basic and simple course. Do not proceed right away to where experts or professionals play. You need to get first to a flat and short course. If possible, it must not have hazards because that would be tough for a beginner. Let’s say that you must give yourself a chance to enjoy an easy game and then, when you think that you are ready to move on to a higher level, then get yourself ready.

Golf that a Beginner take note

For example, you will be given executive courses or a par 3. This usually has a distance of 200 yards or less from the green. If you have mastered that, then finish a 5,500 course until you will be ready to play for 18 holes. By the way, the page at tells more about the 18-hole course you would take. Again, this is a step by step learning. So, do not push yourself too much because if you do, then this may end up as frustration.

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