How to Choose the Right Wine for That Special Day

There are many people who have special events, go on dates, and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and more with wine over dinner. The choice of wine to make the dinner more memorable and special can be a problem for some people although this is important.

 Wine for That Special Day

There are many kinds of wines to choose from, from the cheap wines in boxes to the most expensive wines worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The trick is to not choose what you would usually go with on you when you are on your own or on any regular day. Below is a list of expert tips on how to choose the right wine for that special day.

Take into consideration your guests

 Wine for That Special Day

Choosing a wine of your choice may be a great thought of course, but it is important to take into consideration your guests and their preferences.

Red wine and white wine for instance are completely different kinds of wines. It is kind of like choosing between oranges and peaches, either have their own unique characteristics.

If asking your guest seems farfetched to you, then you could just choose both wines then start off with white then switch to red wine when you get to the main course of the meal. Some guests may reject one and go for the other whole others will just be ok with either.

Choose to impress

 Wine for That Special Day

There are many popular wines that are sure to impress your guest to choose from. It can however also be wines that are very nice tasting and are sure to impress your guests, popular or not.

This is why when choosing a wine, it is important to make it a factor to choose from wines that are sure to impress guests.

This can be from recommendations or personal experiences as well as the guests’ personal preferences.

Consider the kind of meal it is going to be paired with

 Wine for That Special Day

We have all had that experience where the food overpowers our drink of choice when paired with a great meal.

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This makes the choice of a meal just as important as the choice of wine to be paired with it. If the food is going to be a salty one, choosing a wine with a high acidity level like some French wines or sweet wine to make the wine recognizable and give a unique sweet salt taste with the food.

If the dish is also sweet, you should choose a sweeter wine. Lighter wines should be used with foods with lighter intensity on the taste buds.

Ask for recommendations from wine experts

 Wine for That Special Day

This is one of the best ways to make the best choice when choosing wines for a special day. Asking a wine expert will allow you to be able to choose from a more specific range of wines.

They can also advise you on the kinds of wines that are appropriate for each special occasion and event for which you want the wine.

Hausler Family Wines French wine importers are wine experts that can help you choose the best French wines appropriate for different kinds of occasions.

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