How to Clean Your Decorative Concrete?

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Did you know that decorative concrete flooring can be one of the most stylish and functional additions to your home?

It can be especially beautiful in outdoor areas such as by your pool, paving the entrance to your home, and in your outdoor kitchen.

However, there is no end to how you can use this gorgeous form of concrete in your home.

It often can be styled exactly to your liking because of its many different variations, and perfectly accent any room of the house. Alas, once you have this type of flooring, it is important to keep it clean and maintained.

The good news is, it generally isn’t any harder to clean than most types of flooring, if not much easier.

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Read on to learn how to clean your decorative concrete flooring.

General Cleaning

The first tip for maintaining concrete flooring is general cleaning, which should be done regularly, depending on how quickly it becomes dirty.

Basically, all you need to do is sweep the surface with a regular broom or push broom to remove dirt and debris. A leaf blower could also work for this if it is outside.

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Then, use a wet mop on the Surface of it, cleaning with a mild detergent if necessary such as dish soap.

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Deeper Cleaning

Once in a while, decorative concrete floors may need a deep clean to keep them in tip-top shape.

Pressure washing can be helpful in removing ground-in dirt and debris, and often you can rent one from a local hardware store.

As well, try using a degreaser to remove oil, grease, or soot from the floors, following the instructions carefully as to induce injury.

Lastly, a great spot treatment for rust is oxalic acid, but this is usually only okay for stamped concrete. Contact the company which put in the flooring for information about oxalic acid.

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Maintenance for Decorative Concrete Surface

All and all, regular cleaning and maintenance I the key to excellent decorative concrete.

Therefore, try to have it swept and mopped weekly, and reseal it every two to three years for best results.

The contractor that installed the concrete is often the best contact for questions regarding the resealing of concrete.

As well, the polish may be helpful in higher traffic areas to preserve it from wear. However, make sure to avoid harsh chemicals such as dicing salts and chemicals, as these can wear concrete faster.

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Cleaning your concrete flooring is important, as it will help it last in the years to come.

General cleaning, deeper cleaning, and maintenance are habits that will come quickly, as you will love the concrete floors look in and outside your home.


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