How to Keep the House Clean with a Newborn Baby

House Cleaning

When a family welcomes a newborn into the house, tackling ‌house chores regularly is pretty much the last thing they want to do. Babies are demanding all your free time and energy. But we have to remind ourselves that the current state we are in is temporary because it is a consequence of having even more important matters to attend to. It is absolutely possible for things to get out of hand at one point.

However, this should not discourage us. You’ve just welcomed a new bundle of joy into your home! As exciting as it is to have a newborn baby, keeping the house clean can be quite challenging. With sleepless nights and round-the-clock feedings, cleaning might be the last thing on your mind. 

Maintaining a clean living space is crucial for both your and your baby’s health and well-being. Did you know that newborns are more susceptible to illnesses due to their weakened immune systems? That’s why it’s important to keep germs at bay by regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in your home. In this blog post, we’ll provide helpful tips and tricks on how to keep your house clean with a newborn baby around – without sacrificing precious bonding time or restful moments.

Staying Organised

Ideally, it’d be great to work on this before you deliver the baby or adopt it. You can start nurturing the new habits beforehand because you will have much more time to catch up with them, and later it will be too tied up to deal with the mess and clutter. Also, you can ask the other family members to pick up after themselves. Staying organised is a privilege, not everybody has. When the baby is born, their safety and health come first, and your well-being and sanity are right after. All other household tasks can sometimes be put on hold for when you have the time to tackle them.

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Establishing a Routine

Establishing a cleaning routine that works for you and your family can be challenging, especially when you have a newborn to take care of. However, research has shown that having a clean home not only promotes physical health but also reduces stress levels in individuals. Therefore, it is essential to create a cleaning routine that suits your family’s needs while taking into consideration the demands of caring for a newborn.

  1. Smaller tasks. One way to establish an effective cleaning routine is by breaking down tasks into manageable chunks and assigning them specific days or times during the week. For example, Mondays could be designated as laundry days, while Thursdays are set aside for deep-cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen.
  2. Everyone should be involved. Another strategy would be to involve every household member in maintaining cleanliness. Even though infants can’t help with chores, yet, older children can help with simple tasks such as picking up toys or wiping surfaces clean. This approach creates shared responsibility and allows everyone to contribute towards keeping the house tidy.
  3. Organising tools. Investing in tools such as storage baskets or organisers can make tidying up more accessible and less time-consuming. These items help keep clutter at bay while ensuring everything has its assigned space.

As you can see, creating an effective cleaning routine requires effort and commitment from all members of the household. By breaking down tasks into manageable bits, involving everyone in maintaining cleanliness, and investing in necessary tools, you’ll find it easier to keep your home tidy, even with a newborn around.

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House Cleaning

Providing a clean environment for your newborn is a must. However, sterilising your home can be a bit impossible to keep up‌ with. Not many can maintain such high standards of cleanliness. So, in such cases, one should rely on ‌common sense and maintain her home. Keep in mind that using harsh cleaning products can leave residual odours that may irritate your baby. A big help for everyone, especially you, would be to book property cleaning. The service can be as often as you’d like it to be, and most companies have flexible hours, so they can suit your needs.

Preparing the Pets

Preparing the Pets

Our four-legged friends are important members of the family. Banishing the pets may cause resentment, so instead, prepare your pet for the baby’s arrival. Bring home some clothes or a blanket with your baby’s scent on it before your baby is ‌discharged. If your pet is being paid more attention and discipline, this should solve most of the problems.

Do the Tasks in Bulks

You don’t have to clean the house from top to bottom with one swoop. Instead, whenever you get up, you can put away one thing and complete a few cleaning chores each day. This way, you will have plenty of time to spend with your baby in the nursery.

Delegate Chores

You shouldn’t handle everything by yourself; you should let others help you. Enlist help from other family members or schedule housekeeping services. Ask your friends and relatives to babysit so you can tackle the cleaning chores. Even an hour or two is enough to catch up with the cleaning tasks. Having a baby will indeed reorganise your priorities, and accepting that will help you reduce the stress a little bit. It is really admirable for ‌families who try to maintain really high standards of cleanliness. However, use your time wisely.

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Final Thoughts

Be patient with yourself. Raising a human being is hard enough without you being hard on yourself. Even if the house isn’t perfectly clean all the time, it’s totally normal. Enjoy the time with your child! Keeping the house clean with a newborn baby may seem like an impossible task at times, but it is definitely achievable. By prioritising tasks, delegating responsibilities and making use of helpful tools and resources such as cleaning schedules or hiring a professional cleaner, you can maintain a tidy and organised home while still taking good care of your little one. Remember to be kind to yourself and not put too much pressure on achieving perfection. A happy baby is more important than a spotless house! As you embark on this new journey, we hope these tips will help make your life easier and more enjoyable.

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