Few Reasons Why People Prefer to Rent LED Video Walls Rather Than Buying

LED Video Walls

These days, it is very common to find that people are using LED video walls for certain events or a trade show where everyone tries to be one up from others. All participants want to stand out from others, but everyone cannot afford to buy the best video walls for just a few days of use.

Video rental businesses that started in the last 30 years are still flourishing on the market. Therefore, often people think LED screen hire can be a much smarter option particularly when their use is going to be for only a few days or weeks. LED screens and video walls are manufactured by a company called Dynamo LED Displays, which has manufacturing plants both in the UK and Dubai.

Video wall displays

Video wall displays

This kind of video wall display can be created by arranging several monitors on a wall. A few reasons why video walls can offer such a high impact are because of their size and also their versatility.

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The following are a few reasons why this kind of display is so versatile for any show.

  1. A video wall display need not be designed with the help of lining up several monitors so that they can form a large rectangle. The display can easily be arranged in any kind of configuration for creating the desired effect.
  2. These monitors can be easily configured so that they will act together as a single large screen.
  3. The LED monitors can easily be programmed for acting independently for producing several effects.

When do you have to consider display renting?

consider display renting

Under the following conditions, it will always be a better decision to rent the video wall display equipment.

  1. If your IT guys are not skilled enough to offer you the support with multiple monitors as that may need proper color calibration and programming. Or your IT department is too busy in maintaining and programming their computers and monitors for the employees use the whole day.
  2. If you intend to create a very high impact during the event where you have to adjust regularly your images and message for many different events or clients.
  3. You need to go to various events and exhibit your program on urgent notice infrequently.
  4. Your booth size of the exhibition changes.
  5. Based on your event and/or also your audience, you need to change your video wall display and accomplish the change too often.
  6. You will like to have a dedicated team of programmers and designers that will have the proper skill set required for your program and should be able to calibrate the color and also the monitors.
  7. If you prefer to experiment with various display layouts and programming for determining what will be your best take so that it will help you the best and also hit your company’s objectives.
  8. Your present IT infrastructure does not allow sufficient time or resources so that they can take up this kind of project.

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