Expert Tips for Making Your Tough Meat Tender and Tasty

Even though cheap cuts of meat can be very strong and most times flavorless, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your red meat. Sometimes you might wonder how these top-notch big house restaurants like Rib n Reef do it. It’s kind of amazing but if you ever wish to treat yourself to some nice time get on with this post. Below are some expert tips to make your meat tender and delicious after cooking.

This budget-friendly type of meat is usually very strong and flavorless, that’s why you need to be heedful of these great tips to end up with a super tasty meal anytime you cook.

  • Cut it across the grain

It is important to cut your meat across the grain if you want to make your meat soft and tender, use your fork and knife to figure out the muscles fibers on the cut of meat you have and slice through it with ease.

  • Cook at the right temperature with great timing

You don’t have to overcook your meat to make it soft, most times doing that will end in a cooking catastrophe with that said u undercooking won’t do much good to your gums you will have to chew till your jaw drops. Get hold of a thermometer to be sure your meat is taken off at the time it’s ready. Steaks like sirloin cook quicker than other cuts like brisket that usually needs more time to become tender.

Tough Meat Tender and Tasty

  • Try beating the meat

Yo! You heard me right, this is another great way to get your meat tenderized, grab a meat mallet or cube steak and hit your tough cut with it, and gradually it breaks apart those muscle fibers in the meat making it a tough cut. Beat till your meat is about 1/5 inches thick.

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  • Cook casually

Cooking slowly actually gets these tough cuts to become tender and tasty, it’s one of the best ways to get your meat soft, you can cook either grilling or braising, whichever way cooking it slowly breaks the connective tissues and fibers making your meat soft and tasty.

Tough Meat Tender and Tasty

  • Marinate

Marinating does quite a lot to your tough cuts, it doesn’t not only add flavor to your meat, and it also makes it tender. The marinade contains ingredients such as vinegar and citrus juice. It starts the job of tenderizing your meat before even hitting the heat but be sure not to marinate for too long else your meat becomes mushy.

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