Men’s Fashion: Some Dos and Don’ts

Men Fashion

Men’s fashion has come a long way throughout the decades. It has evolved to go hand in hand with women’s fashion. You can see men taking care of their looks more these days. There are, though, still some men who don’t have a clue about how to dress properly. Here are some fashion dos and don’ts that men can take note of.

Do Wear the Right Fit

Do Wear the Right Fit

The fit of a piece of clothing will make or break a look. Make sure your clothes fit perfectly on you: not too tight and not too loose. This is especially true for suits. Made-to-measure suits are the way to go when it comes to picking out formal clothes. Getting a suit made to your body size will make you look more polished and clean.

Do Dress for the Occasion

men's Occasion Dress

Every occasion calls for a certain dres’ code, especially formal ones. Make sure that you dress accordingly, so as not to stand out like a sore thumb and not divert the attention from the host of the occasion to you.

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Do Invest in Classic Pieces

Classic Pieces men's

Classic pieces will never go out of style, even after many years. A crisp white shirt, classic cut jeans, form-fitting plain shirts, and a formal jacket and suit are just some wardrobe staples that you should own. You can wear them over and over again and with anything and still create a new look every time. They are the best wardrobe investments you can have.

Don’t Throw Just Anything Together

Don’t Throw Just Anything Together

When it comes to fashion, it is not wise to wear the first items that you pull out of your closet. Plan your outfit for the day; consider the weather too. If you know that you keep on running late to appointments, assemble your outfit the night before. You will be able to choose the right pieces that you can put together this way.

Don’t Get Stuck in a Fashion-Era

Fashion-Era men's

A lot of men make this huge fashion mistake. Just because they looked good on you when it was the hot thing back then, doesn’t mean that it still looks good on you several decades later. Widen your horizons fashion-wise. You will be surprised to know that current fashion trends will also look good on you.

Don’t Think That all Clothing Will Look Good on You

Clothing Will Look Good on You

Keep this in mind: what looks good on one person may not look good on you. Not every man has body proportions where every single piece of clothing will fit and look good on them. The secret is to try on anything that catches your eye and decide from there if it looks good on you or otherwise.

Fashion is no longer just a woman’s forte. You too can be fashionable and wear fashionable clothes and exude masculinity.

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