Methods of cleaning the home of insects.

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Clean house of alhashrataadh when it comes to summer proliferate insects especially when high temperatures, where ladies in the face of such suffering houses disgusting insects that spread at home and invade it, add the presence of insects that protect housewives to some pesticides Chemicals and resulting human health damage and may cause some improbable scents, but there are experiences of working on getting rid of these insects away from pesticides and in this article, we will explain to Madame ways to get rid of insects home in ways that are easy and safe.

Ways to get rid of carpet insects:

First, it is necessary when there are insects in the carpets of the house, especially insects that do not see you to put carpet in the sun for a long period of time after pouring out of any dust or dust adhering to it, and then you can spray with a mixture of vinegar and chlorine and a suitable amount of The water is in the sun.

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It is also possible to sprinkle with the machine gun, which mixes some means of cleaning clothes and lemon juice, also in the sun. These natural materials effectively eliminate the insects even the insects that do not see the naked eye.

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Ways to clean the house of flies:

In order to get rid of the flies in the house, there are several ways to eliminate it, cut into half halves and then put some nails in the cloves and then put them in the kitchen or in the place where frequent flies. Also possible to put some aromatic plants in the hall and the kitchen such as basil or mint These plants have the ability to expel these insects from the house. It is also possible to use free musk milk, by burning it in the fire, resulting in an odor that causes fatigue in the respiratory system of the insect, which leads to killing or expulsion from the place, taking care to be open windows of the house.

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Ways to get rid of insect bugs:

Bugs are very harmful and are called vampires. They are hard to see clearly. They are found in mattresses and blankets. These bugs are active at night. Bugs cause itching due to bites that cause infections in the body. The way to get rid of them is to follow. The first step is to have the housewife open the windows of the house every morning so that the sun can enter the place, this will expel this harmful insect. Also, the insecticide should be used under the supervision of a specialist to tell us how much we can use. Exit members of the house NH a few time periods and even if an hour.

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Methods of disposal of cockroaches:

When cockroaches are found in the house, they must be combated by using water and ordinary soap by placing them in a bottle and then spraying the places where the cockroaches are located. This helps in fighting the cockroaches. Also, there are natural substances that fight cockroaches including garlic, cucumber, lemon, and clove oil. In the blender and lightly diluted with water then spray the cockroaches. It is also possible to use a cockroach trap which is an open box with a quantity of water with a powder of coffee where the cockroaches are trying to reach it and it is located in it. It is possible to add a spoon of soda bicarbonate with a spoonful of soft sugar Walker attracts cockroaches to him Which forces him to eat soda, which in turn works to combat and dry his body and this is eliminated.

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