Opt for Circular Luxury Fireplaces to Create a Unique Home

Fireplaces were first made to sustain heat during the cold season. These days, luxury fireplaces are created to provide heat, warmth, and style to any type of home.

There is something about fireplaces that make a home feel welcoming. And if you decide that one day you want to sell your property, having a fireplace will just add more value to it.

Luxury Fireplaces

These designs created by Modus Fireplaces are truly unique and one of a kind because of their shape and feature making them the perfect centerpiece for any home that wants that edgy look.

Small and Practical

Luxury Fireplaces

If you are searching for an efficient but stylish luxury fireplace that will not take too much of your space, then this design is your ideal piece. This design can be customized to your preferred size and can be installed as a double-sided piece maximizing its functionality.

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Luxury Fireplaces

This beautiful fireplace extends up to the ceiling and can be customized to fit any type of room. This design is completely closed off with glass allowing you to view this double-sided fireplace on both sides.

Sculptured Fireplace

Luxury Fireplaces

This design truly provides a great aesthetic to the whole space. This unique fireplace has gorgeously enhanced the living space to its full potential as it is fitted along the wall behind the circular core.

Freestanding Design

Luxury Fireplaces

This Free-standing layout has an extra modern twist that perfectly fits between the ceiling and the floor. This fireplace can be modified and installed at the center of the room making it the perfect focal design for your luxurious home.

Perfect Centrepiece

Luxury Fireplaces

This unique gas fire created by Modus Fireplaces adds a light and airy feel to space. Your guests will be in complete awe as this becomes the perfect centerpiece of your home.

Make your home stand out and have your own unique fireplace. Choose a design that is not just practical but stylish as well. Go for modern gas fires that are truly unique.

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