Heiko Waechter

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Artist Statement:

Heiko Waechter is an Australia-based urban photographer. He has been documenting the metropolitan landscape of his adopted home of Melbourne, and now Sydney, since early 2007. His work bypasses well-known tourist landmarks and focuses on an alternative form of urban iconography or portraiture, derived from an intimate association and familiarity with inner city life. His images capture spaces between the buildings, and the people and objects that inhabit the ever-changing urban environment.

Born in Germany, Heiko brings some of the design sensibilities of his homeland to his work. His photographs capture fragments of the world around him – subjects often appear isolated from their surrounds, challenging the viewer to appreciate their intrinsic beauty. Minimal in scope, images are composed by the decision to omit as much as to include certain details in the frame. The result is invariably understated, relying on simple form and colour to communicate a detached sense of wonder in the mundane aspects of city life.

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