Poznan the Old Town

Michał Koralewski

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Artist Statement:

Mobile photography is my hobby, it’s a form of dealing with everyday stress and a way of expressing myself. I discovered it four years ago, when I bought my first smartphone, at the time when Instagram was released and first groups of mobile photography were formed. Since then, I am addicted to taking part in international photography competitions and I actively promote mobile photography in Poland. Starting Polish mobile photography group „Grupa Mobilni” is one of the results of my efforts. Mobile phone pictures are not my only contact with photography. For over eight years I have been working with the largest international photo banks. I check and rate technical and aesthetic value of received photos. This demanding and difficult work is an endless source of inspiration for me. Privately, I am a husband and a father of three wonderful children – Mateusz, Szymon, Łucja.

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