Process of Avoiding Negative Reviews from Customers on Amazon’s Seller Page

Feedback from a buyer is important for any Amazon seller. The feedback either motivates or discourages a seller. No seller wants negative feedback from their buyers. This is because too much negative or poor feedback can lead to the suspension of an account on Amazon.

 Avoiding Negative Reviews

No matter what you sell, a negative product review is inevitable. You cannot satisfy all customers because everyone has different expectations and demands. And, let’s be honest, just visual content cannot help in determining the quality and product type, unless the product is not being used physically. Thus, a seller should always be open to all sorts of feedback. However, how you handle those comments will determine whether the company will remain with Amazon or the account will get suspended.

Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services helps in reinstating accounts that get suspended due to negative feedback or violation of sales policy. They help in building a plan of action for negative feedback removal for businesses and work with the seller to ensure that the business runs smoothly. Their in-house lawyers and customer service work 24 hours to ensure that their customers receive the best advice.

The process to Remove Negative Feedback from Amazon

Request Amazon

Request Amazon

Amazon has zero-tolerance for reviews that mislead or manipulate other customers. If the reviews violate any of Amazon’s guidelines, the seller can request Amazon to remove that comment. Here are the violation guidelines –

  • If the review includes promotional content or comparison with other brands or products.
  • Abusive or obscene language
  • Displaying personal information of any of the Amazon users.
  • When the product review is mentioned on the seller’s feedback page unnecessarily. Amazon has already provided a product review page for customer feed in their reviews for the product, thus it is unnecessary to write in sellers’ feedback.

If the seller finds any of the above-mentioned rules violated, the seller can raise a ticket to get it removed from the page.

Approach the Buyer

Approach the Buyer Amazon

Don’t lose hope if Amazon finds the feedback appropriate and doesn’t remove the negative reviews. You can contact the buyer and apologize personally, either over the phone or by email. Explain the reason for the mistake and what action you have taken to make corrections. The best solution is to offer compensation to the customer for the defective product.

Never ask the customer to delete their negative comment, but you can surely request them to upload another positive comment if they were satisfied with the compensation. This will send a message to other customers about your quick response and personalization.

Leave a Reply on the Amazon Feedback Page

 Amazon Feedback Page

Sometimes customers don’t respond to their emails. The best way of approaching them is by leaving a reply to their comment. The reply should be apologetic and that you’re ready to compensate. At least that will show other customers that you’re attempting.

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The best way of avoiding negative reviews is by providing an accurate product. Ship the items on time and ensure the quality is the same. It is no doubt that most Amazon accounts are suspended due to nonauthentic items. Still, the market is flooded with fakes.

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