PRP Training Course for Medical Professionals in Different Field

The regenerative medicine field is advancing rapidly. Using your own PRP or Platelet-rich Plasma to rebuild, regenerate and revitalize injuries and pain is increasing in popularity. It is a natural way of treating injuries as well as rejuvenating your skin. There is a lot of scientific research supporting the effectiveness of PRP therapy.


Online PRP courses at Dr. Renat Akhmerov’s Plasmolifting Technologies can help you with the different ways to develop PRP serum for treating a specific aesthetic or medical condition. You even get a certification with a training course. For any healthcare provider or doctor, the PRP course is crucial to ensure that your patients obtain the latest healing therapy.

PRP therapy is suitable in the following fields

Dermatology – Dermatologists with micro-needling instructions or PRP facelift training can help their patients to resolve cosmetic issues. It includes signs of aging like skin folds, wrinkles, creases, and fine lines. You can learn to perform therapy on the neck, hands, face, and décolletage. Your patients can have smooth skin.


Cosmetic surgery – The plastic or cosmetic surgeon performs nose jobs or rhinoplasty. They can learn how to use PRP therapy for quick healing of reconstructed nasal bone and heal burns & wounds with minimal scarring.

Dentistry – The dentist can use PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin in tooth extractions and tooth implants. They will learn safe usage of PRP serum during jaw reconstruction or bone grafting.

Orthopedic PRP injections can relieve patients from swelling, pain, and immobility issues due to osteoarthritis. Orthopedic doctors will learn how PRP can reestablish the buffering agents cushioning joints and how to properly inject the serum to gain relief from sprains, ligament tears, and tendonitis.


Trichology – Trichologists can use TRP therapy to successfully reverse hair loss due to alopecia in men and women. Learn the micro-needling delivery method to precisely inject the serum into the hair follicles.

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Sex therapy – Sex therapists can treat sexual issues in men and women with PRP therapy as it helps to build up the muscles.

What you will learn at PRP courses?

How to prepare PRP serum…..

PRP serum is prepared using the single-spin and dual-spin methods. Each modality and platelet’s concentration level is different. PRP serum has different components and each helps a specific area to heal. The serum has to be prepared under extreme sterile conditions while adhering to safety standards and FDA protocols.

How to administer the PRP therapy…..

After understanding the serum preparation method, you will learn how to administer PRP injection.


  • Learn to evaluate patients and check if they are eligible for PRP treatment.
  • You will be taught where to place PRP serum exactly in the treatment site, so the patients can gain maximum benefits. For proper placement, you will obtain advice about ways to use imaging devices.
  • How much is optimum PRP dosage is the crucial part of PRP training and how to predict the sessions a patient will need along with treatment intervals.
  • You will also learn how to blend PRP injections with other treatment alternatives like medication, physical therapy, or surgical procedures.


Doctors or medical healthcare providers can master this popular Plasmolifting technique, which myriads of patients need.

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