7 Scrumptious Starter Dishes Which You Should Include In The Wedding Menu

Food is the most important aspect at a wedding and it won’t be wrong to say that, 7 out of every 10 guests, attend the function to enjoy the feast. When we talk about Indian weddings, the couple and their family members want the guests to remember the festivities because of the scrumptious food. And as a result, they plan each course with meticulous attention to detail. Hence it comes as no surprise that top wedding planners in Lucknow suggest couples pay special attention towards the starter or appetizer as it the first food item which a guest enjoys at the function.

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The starters need to be delicious and appetizing to make the wedding guests eagerly look forward to the remaining wedding menu. So to help you out, we have compiled a list of 7 delicious and finger-licking good starter items for your upcoming wedding functions.

Mini Samosas:

Mini Samosas

Your wedding menu will be incomplete without these crispy, deep-fried dumplings packed with powerful flavors. And there are a lot of varieties available like the classic potato samosas, Chinese samosas, paneer samosas, etc. For the non-vegetarians options like mutton samosa, chili-chicken samosa, etc are also there.

Palak Patta Chaat:

Scrumptious Starter Dishes

How can we talk about Indian starters and not mention the evergreen chaat? Not only that, chefs these days have become very innovative and come up with a healthy twist in chaat made of spinach leaves. It is refreshing as hell and trusts us, all the guests at the wedding will go GAGA over this yummy dish.

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Deviled Eggs:

Scrumptious Starter Dishes

For couples who love eggs a lot, this healthy and creamilicious dish is the perfect way to make it a part of the wedding menu. It is nothing but a half-hard-boiled egg, which is filled with flavored yolk. All the egg-lovers are going crazy over this gourmet version of a simple boiled egg.

Cheese And Jalapeno Rolls:

Scrumptious Starter Dishes

The wedding menu is giving serious competition to a high-end cafe with this cheese lover’s delight. A blend of cream cheese, mozzarella, diced jalapenos, salt, black pepper, and oregano, it is shaped into long fingerstyle and deep-fried till the outside becomes crispy golden with a soft and gooey-hot interior.

Paneer Tikka:

Panner or cottage cheese is a LOVE of every Indian. Serve it in any form, all the guests will enjoy it like there is no tomorrow. And one of the most loved paneer-based starters is the paneer tikka. Big chunks of paneer and vegetables (onion, capsicum, and tomato) are marinated in a curd-spice mixture for 2-3 hours. Later all these are skewered and grilled over an open charcoal fire. The smoky flavor of coal takes the entire dish to a new level.

Chicken Tikka:

Scrumptious Starter Dishes

While vegetarians have paneer tikka, the non-vegetarians munch upon the chicken tikka. Cooked in a similar manner, this dish is a delight for all meat lovers. Make sure you keep a good stock otherwise you’ll run out of ingredients for sure.

Garlic Bread and Mini Pizza:

Indian weddings are becoming global day-by-day and the love for Italian cuisine is also increasing in the same direction. Starters like garlic bread and mini pizzas are commonly becoming a part of the wedding menu buffet. And not only that, but the couples are also making it as a part of their main course menu with dishes like lasagna, risotto, ravioli, etc.

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Scrumptious Starter Dishes

So these were our seven delicious starter food items which you should make a part of the wedding menu. But all the planning is a waste of time without an experienced food caterer who knows how to cook all these dishes perfectly. Worry not, we have a solution for you which is called Shaadidukaan.com. Here you will find thousands of trusted food caterers registered online. Visit the website and make your bookings today!

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