Tips To Screen and Evaluate Potential Candidates for A Job Opening

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Businesses large and small can benefit from gaining in-depth knowledge about the applicant’s screening & evaluation processes to reduce hiring time. Adapt new technology like applicant assessment software, which makes HRs task of screening candidates easy. It eliminates the traditional paper-based compliance forms because everything moves online. Automation leads to time and cost savings associated with new recruitments.

Automate pre-screening process 

With vast application forms, finding the right one is challenging. You also don’t desire to reject a talented candidate accidentally. Screening CVs is a time-consuming and monotonous task. Applicant tracking system like Recrout helps in pre-selection assessments. The ATS program supports the sorting and ranking of candidates during the pre-screening process.

Pre-interview assignments

Offer potential candidates’ assignments via emails or solve on your office premises. You can gain an idea of how they handle the actual assignment. Here even if the candidate has great knowledge you get to know how they treat a project at work. If the person is capable, he/she will go the extra mile to research the topic and format a grammar-checked response. It is a simple test that can help you hire the right person who shows what they can be.

Preliminary assessment of potential candidates

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Some traditional ways to candidate interviews

  • After the pre-screening process, the eligible candidates are called for an in-person interview. Employment interviews are aimed to identify the candidate’s competence and knowledge. The interviewer needs to ask questions and identify if the answer was solid to make a hiring decision. Hiring success will depend on an accurate assessment of what the candidate will bring to the company.
  • Some businesses use a structured panel interview process for mission-critical positions to avoid the cost of bad recruitment. The questions are related to the subject and divided among each interviewer within the panel. Every member in the structured panel gains a chance to interact with a potential candidate.
  • Video interviews are for remote candidates and are popular in the high-tech and communication sectors. The employer observes the body language and communication skills of the candidate. It saves them the time and money of the candidates and the recruiter.
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The candidates may pass with flying colors in the interview, but there is a possibility they can lack confidence and authenticity. You need people with a perception, things they are interested, and uninterested in. the candidate has to capably name something they adore and hate. They need to be aware of what they desire to attain in life and answer in an honest way.

Potential Candidates

For example, if you adore painting and have hosted several exhibitions then it reveals your effort even if it is irrelevant for the opening job position. Your hard work and certain achievement levels show. Successful people do stuff. Even if they are unemployed, they volunteer or pursue their hobbies. A person, who waits for the right opportunity will never succeed sitting back doing nothing.

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