How Customer Line of Sight Impacts Trade Show Exhibit Success

When you build a trade show exhibit, there is only so much you can control. The goal is to take advantage of what you can control to minimize any adverse effects of anything out of your control. For example, although you can’t control where attendees look, you can use strategies to get their attention with well-designed trade show displays.


How To Know Where Attendees Look First at a Trade Show

Simple rules determine if you can get a potential client’s attention on the floor. These depend on their reactions to what they see nearby. Their choice to visit one trade show exhibit over another has to do with the visual stimulus and what they think when they walk in.

What They Seek

The most significant influencer of where attendees look is what they are looking for when they arrive. Some just walk looking for a specific service provider, so they seek out that one booth. Your trade show booth design is unlikely to impact these supremely focused attendees.

But that doesn’t happen very often. Most attendees are explicitly looking to shop around, which is why they came to the trade show in the first place. They probably have a sense of what they are looking for without a firm decision about the supplier. They look around and check out the whole floor before choosing to engage at any booth.

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Overall Environment


What catches the eye is a trade show exhibit with distinctive characteristics. What works in one environment may not work in another. Being distinctive requires being different from your neighbors. If there is little activity around you, a vibrant color scheme with good lighting may be all it takes to draw the eye. It may be more difficult with more activity, so a calmer, less vibrant scheme may draw in attendees better.

Line of Sight from the Venue Entrance

The closer you are to the entrance, the more likely your trade show exhibit will be noticed first. If your booth is nearer the back, you’ll need to do more work on your trade show booth design to keep attendees engaged.

Exploiting Line of Sight

In a room with your competition, standing out is a challenge. Now is the time to exploit line-of-sight advantages to be noticed by attendees.

Customization of Trade Show Displays

Impacts Trade Show Exhibit

Your competitors work in the same industry. So, you need to differentiate your brand. Attendees decide to visit your booth depending on how you represent your company through your trade show booth design. Customize your trade show booth design to stand out from the competition.

Match Color Schemes in a Trade Show Exhibit to The Lighting

To create a visual impact, you need to use color schemes that support your branding and work in the venue. Contrast is the key to drawing attention. Bright lights catch the eye but melt into the background if every booth has bright lights.

Nearby Neighbors

Consider your neighbors on the venue floor. Arrange to be near companies that complement yours – If you sell cars, set up by the tire company.


Custom trade show booth designs help you attain your marketing goals. Take advantage of the elements you can control when you spend your time and money on trade show displays. Attendees are at the show to find a supplier. Consider the line of sight to become their new provider!

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