The Different Types Of Wedding Bouquets That Your Mia Florist Can Design For You

To most of the non-brides, almost all wedding bouquet appears to be identical. They all are, after all, an assortment of flowers neatly tied with a silky ribbon, right? Wrong! In fact, these special bouquets fall under a number of styles. It depends on the type and the shape of the blossoms. It does take some time for a meticulous bride to choose one that completely complements the ceremony style, as well as your wedding gown. For example, a large bouquet is more fitting for a conventional church marriage, while its smaller version might be a better fit for a fun and rather a casual beach, or garden celebration. That being said, you might want to learn about the most stylish bridal bouquet types.

Wedding Bouquets

The Cascade

The cascade or shower bouquet is a lively, yet traditional and lavish variety. They literally feature a waterfall of blossoms, comprising of an aesthetic balance of choice blooms and greenery. The ‘top’ of the bouquet is full and it gradually tapers while falling past your hands, eventually reaching the endpoint. It is a fine thing to choose for both a high-end, elegant wedding ceremony, as well as for a rather budgeted garden wedding. By and large, these bouquets are quite big in size.

Nosegay Bouquets

However, you might ask your Mia florist to make a smaller, modern version of it. Typically, its modern avatar is called trail or teardrop bouquets. Florists generally choose sophisticated vines and orchids to prepare it. Since this regal bouquet makes for a very strong style accent, you might want to keep your accessories, as well as the wedding gown elegantly simple. This would prevent you from going overboard in your bridal look. By the way, did you know that the late Princess Diana picked this style to coordinate with her ever-so-talked-about wedding gown?

Nosegay Bouquets

Nosegay Bouquets

The nosegay or the tussie-mussie had made its appearance since the 15th century. Back in those days, the term ‘gay’ denoted ornament. Hence ‘nosegay’ referred to the type of accessory, which appeals to the nose. In keeping with the tradition, a number of florists prefer using scented roses to create this floral choice. The roundish wedding bouquet features a compact cluster of nice-smelling flowers, whose stems are tightly wrapped in laces, or satin/organza ribbons that coordinate with the theme of the wedding. There would be a focal flower, encircled by a careful selection of central flowers, further hemmed with ‘filler’ blossoms, with fresh herbs completing the whole arrangement.

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Nosegay Bouquets

It is very practical to hold and has a stiff backing that keeps the flowers in place. By and large, these bouquets have more greenery than any other style of its kind. This trendy flower bouquet is also popular among the bridesmaids. This classic bridal bouquet is a perfect choice for a chic indoor wedding, which focuses more on the intimacy and love that these special days involve. The Biedermeier bouquet is a slightly varied version of the nosegay. In this arrangement, the flowers are kept in a circular style with distinct and differently colored flowers in each ring.

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