What to Do, What to See and Where to Stay in Labuan Bajo

When most people think of Indonesia, they think of Bali. It has been voted time and time again as a leading tourist destination. However, just an hour’s flight from Bali is yet another breathtaking and magical island—Flores Island.

Flores Island is home to a charming fishing town known as Labuan Bajo located on the western side of Flores. The town is just as popular with tourists as Bali is thanks to its many attractions, beaches, activities and prime hotels, and resorts.

Below is a comprehensive guide on the activities and explorations to undertake while in Labuan Bajo and a look at the hotel that ought to be your base of operations.

Stay in Labuan Bajo

Activities Worth Considering When in Labuan Bajo

The first thing to note is that the town is strategically placed and as a result is the perfect launching point if you intend to visit other islands.

Some of those islands that are only an hour’s away boat ride include Komodo and Rinca. Komodo island is listed among Indonesia’s most popular diving destinations. Tourists travel from all over to enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling in Komodo National Park.

Keen divers have listed three key reasons why any diving enthusiast should consider diving in Komodo.

See and Where to Stay

i) The Manta Rays

The manta rays are a species of fish closely related to sharks and skates. Often known as devilfish because of the horn-shaped fins that look like devil’s horns, these fish are a wonder and joy to see. Komodo offers a number of manta dive sites, and you only need to ask your dive guide for a chance to see them.

ii) The Reefs

Diving in Komodo offers an opportunity to observe all manner of reef systems. Hard coral, transparent corals, neon-colored soft corals: the list is inexhaustible. One thing is for sure, as a diver you will not be disappointed.

iii) Uncountable Schools of Fish

A school of fish is a group of fish that stay and swim together. Now imagine five to ten schools of fish that are of different species swimming and dancing in the water. That is what diving in Komodo guarantees.

Rinca island also has exciting attractions. On your way to Rinca, in particular, you will come across large bats that fly away in thousands at dusk. The locals refer to this phenomenon as a colony of flying foxes.

See and Where to Stay

What You Must See When in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo’s most famous attraction is the Komodo dragon. This is the largest lizard species known to man. It grows up to 3 meters and weighs approximately 150 pounds. The Komodo dragons are said to have a venomous bite, and they hunt prey that includes mammals, birds, and invertebrates for food.

Found in both Komodo National Park and Rinca island, the Komodo dragon is a must-see.

In addition, Labuan Bajo also offers a pink beach. The beach is pink due to the presence of microscopic animals known as Foraminifera. Strolling on the pink beach, water sports such as kayaking and swimming are some of the activities available.

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See and Where to Stay

Where to Stay

Now that you know some of the fun things and the great experience you will have in Labuan Bajo, it is essential to consider the best possible accommodation. The Ayana Komodo resort located off the Waecicu beach is the only place worth considering. The resort offers picturesque views, access to the beach, and sunsets in the comfort of your room.

Complete with 13 suites and 192 guest rooms, the resort offers the perfect base location for all the exploring you intend to do both in Flores and the nearby islands. Simply visit ayana.com for more information and booking purposes.

See and Where to Stay

Final Thoughts

The mentioned activities only represent a small percentage of the activities available in Labuan Bajo and the places one can explore. Labuan Bajo, for instance, is also famed for its exquisite dishes especially fish dishes. If you are already in Bali, then it is worth it taking that one-hour flight to Flores for a chance to experience Labuan Bajo.


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