When in Switzerland, Sip A Glass of Coffee – Swiss Coffee Scene

Switzerland is a beautiful Alpine country famous for cheese, chocolate, fondue and especially COFFEE! Surprised? Despite being a country that doesn’t grow coffee, the Swiss are surprisingly large consumers of coffee. Drinking coffee is like their national pastime. The average coffee consumption of a Swiss individual is 10 pounds of coffee per year.

Swiss Coffee Scene

Swiss coffee:

Coffee plays a main role in the economy of several countries. The country imports 98,000 tons of green coffee every year which goes through processing and 33.000 tons of it is exported as soluble coffee. Switzerland is the home to many of our favorite coffee brand names including Nescafe, Movenpick, Sirocco, Egoiste, etc.

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Sip A Glass of Coffee

Swiss coffee culture:

Food plays an important part in any culture. Coffee is consumed regularly in almost all countries. Every country has a different coffee culture. Some like it hot, cold, with milk, without, with cream, chocolate, before breakfast, only at dinner, etc. Likewise, the Swiss have an interesting coffee culture.

Beverages like coffee, tea, and chocolate appeared since the 17th century and were reserved only for the wealthy. Coffee houses were popular in cities like Geneva, Neuchatel. Their coffee style was also a combined influence of cultures from the neighboring countries of Germany, French and Italian.

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The Swiss begin their day with a cup of coffee and delicious gipfeli – the Swiss version of a croissant. Most people started their morning by drinking coffee or chocolate. Earlier people usually liked to enjoy their cup of coffee in a leisurely way at the comfort of their homes or stopped for a takeaway while on their way to work.

The Swiss generally like taking their coffee hot rather than cold. Lately, the cafe scene has invaded the country and people love spending time at a coffee and sipping their favorite version of coffee. Several top-notch cafes are offering excellent coffee options.

A Glass of Coffee

Top Switzerland coffee variations:

  • Kaffe- crème: This Swiss-creamed espresso involves adding a thickened sweet milk concoction which gives it a creamy texture. It tastes delicious when served hot and cold.
  • Schale: The word translates to ‘bowl’. The combination of coffee with steamed milk is enough to ease any stressful day.
  • Luzerner Kafi: Do you want something extra with caffeine? Maybe, alcohol? This coffee variation has hard liquor and sugar in addition to caffeine.
  • Cafe melange: It is black coffee mixed with whipped cream. More often the whipped cream is served separately.
  • Kafi Trasch: If you don’t like your coffee strong, you would love this. This light coffee is mixed with a liqueur made from pears and apples.

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The country is literally littered with beautifully designed cafes serving delicious coffee. Don’t miss to try their unique coffee variations if you are a coffee lover.

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