Which one is the perfect watch: Gold, silver or both?

Women love to wear a watch as it completes their dressing and gives them an appealing appearance. Watches have dominated the fashion scene for Decades and are treated as a precious commodity that people love to treasure. But, sometimes people make a fashion faux pas by picking a watch that is simply not made for their skin tone.

A watch is a prized possession when it comes to dressing up, but you must make sure that the watch you wear goes with your overall personality. If you pick a watch that looks too odd on you, then your entire investment in the product goes waste.


There are different types of watches such as casual, analog, digital, sporty, etc. But the most stylish watches are metallic and come in golden or silver textures. People love to try metallic watches but sometimes don’t find the watch suited to their skin tone.

So if you are a fan of metal watches and wish to try one, here are a few tips on choosing a watch as per your skin tone and body profile.

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For dark skin toned women: If you have a dark skin tone then never go for a bright gold metal watch as it may look too overwhelming on your skin. You can try watches that have a subtle appeal and come in simple patterns.


A simple strap watch may look great on you, and you can also try a bracelet watch in silver metal. A studded watch that has studs on its bezel will also give you an impressive look.

For fair-skinned tone:

People who have fair skin can try metal watches that have a combination of gold as well as silver on the metal strap. The contrast offered by the lovely metal will look appealing on your wrist and impress your onlookers instantly. When trying combination metal watches, try a watch with a big deal as it will divert focus to your watch and give off a nice appeal. You can also try bright-hued metal watches if you want to try something vibrant.


For dusky complexion women:

Dusky people look great in watches that have a silver strap as it looks viable on their skin. If you wish to look elegant then the silver metal is your thing as it goes with both your formal and informal attire. You can try a chronograph with a silver metal strap or try a bracelet watch in silver metal with studs on the rim of the dial. A silver watch will definitely look charming on you and enhance your dressing.


For whitish skin tone:

If you have a whitish skin tone then you need not worry as silver, gold or a combination of both metals will suit your skin tone. It basically boils down to how well you carry a watch but as far as the texture and hue of the watch are concerned; both a silver and a gold medal Strap watch will work for your skin tone. If you like metal strap watches then go for a watch that has multiple subdials and features an attractive bezel.


The best part about a metallic watch is the sophisticated look it gives to a woman, thus making it a stylish as well as an elegant pick in accessories. Once you wear a metallic watch you add a lot of gravitas to your persona and add a good attitude to your overall personality. So this festive season, pick a metallic watch that suits your skin tone and pamper yourself in its glory.

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