4 Great Uses for A Sofa Bed – Why Every Home Should Have One

A sofa bed is one of the most important and biggest pieces of furniture in every home. They can take up a large portion of the space in a home which is the reason why a lot of people subscribe to multifunctional furniture to manage space in their home. It is common to see many homes mixing a sofa with a bed to get it more functional than just sitting on it. It usually becomes very useful and practical this way but not everyone knows how to go about this mix to manage space and do more. Here are 4 tips from Perez Furniture to use a sofa bed in your home.

1: Blend a home office/guest bedroom from one space

office guest bedroom

Instead of dedicating a single room for a guest and another for a study/home office, you can make a single room functional to serve both purposes.  You can add a sofa bed to the room used as a home office so when you have a guest, you can convert the room to a guest room. You will be wasting a lot of space when you put a full-sized bed in a home office space, therefore, you can manage your space by getting a smaller-sized sofa bed so you can easily pull them out when a guest stays over. You can also use the bed as a dressing table when you have a guest around.

2: Use your living room occasionally as a guest bedroom

guest bedroom

You can add a sofa bed to your living room especially when it is small and you have a lot of guests coming in from time to time. This way you have doubled up your living room to serve two functions. Sometimes, you may decide to have film night and it can be fun when you pull out your sofa bed and enjoy yourself with your spouse or kids. It is common for kids to have sleepovers especially when they are seeing a movie or doing something fun. You can make it comfortable for them by using sofa beds in the living room.

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3: Add extra beds to handle sleepovers in children rooms

children rooms bed

There are times when your kids’ friends visit and they sleepover. You can take care of this by adding a small-sized sofa bed of an armchair size in your kid’s room. Your kids can even sit on the sofa bed to read as long as it is comfortable.

4: Allow more floor space in smaller rooms

You can actually manage your guest bedroom by using sofa beds. You can easily pull it out for guests to use when you have one and you can take them away to allow more space when they are gone.

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