Why Live Off Base – Some Good Reasons to Make a Decision

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Shipping a Car

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Why Live off Base

Here are some of the reasons that can make you decide to live off the base.

·        Keep Your Allowance of Housing

When you decide to live on base, you will be giving away your Basic Allowance that is allotted for your Housing needs, as your monthly rent. Your private housing contractor will take the housing allowance from you, even though the basic inclusions in this rent will be the maintenance charges, rent, some utility charges, and so on. However, it might make you feel like you are paying more than required.

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·        Personal and Official Life will be Differentiated

The idea of living off the base will make you not take your work home. When your family lives on base, you will be constantly being pulled into the official and friendly hoo ahhs of the people staying in the base, and hence bye-bye to your personal and family life.

·        Have Business at Home Separately


When you have a separate life of the base, you can focus on your separate business without any involvement of the officials that are staying on the base. If you are planning to run a business on the base, then you are required to submit an official application asking for permission to run the business. This will not be the case when planning to live off the base.

·        Lengthy Waiting List

The families love to get settled as early as possible in their new home. However, they have to wait too long till they find their house of choice. Waiting can exceed so much on-base that sometimes some families will lose all their savings for finding a new home off-the-base. Hence, it is better to stay off the base in the house of your choice.

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·        Convenience is the Priority

Staying on the base comes with many kinds of inconveniences such as not being capable of having guests constantly, and if you do have guests all the time, then you have to get their IDs checked and also approval for their pass into the base. The gate to enter and exit the base might close at particular timings and having guests past these hours can become an inconvenience.

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Yes, you do find convenient things while staying on the base. However, this is not always the case, because it is more inconvenient. Hence, pick wisely!

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