Why Should You Prefer A Belt Holsters Inside The Waistband?

When you want to carry your firearm and also conceal it then there are quite a few options available to you. However, out of them, two options are particularly popular as they are quite easy to use, and also you can pull out your gun immediately too when it is needed.

These options are:

  • outside-the-waistband holsters
  • Inside-the-waistband holsters.

Generally, you can hide in the second variety i.e. inside-the-waistband holsters more efficiently, and in this write up we shall discuss why most gun owners all over the world prefer this holster for their guns. You can also get such a belt clip holster from C3LeatherWorks, a well-known supplier of different types of holsters.



  • Deeper concealment than its other counterpart

The basic reason for its popularity is that it will provide your firearm with better concealment. It can easily clip onto your waistband or can slide onto your gun belt. When any dangerous situation arises, anyone might think twice.

This type of holster can also be a very effective crime repellent. Sometimes it is better to keep the weapon concealed until you are sure to take action.

  • You can even wear light clothing

Holsters It is possible to wear anything that you would like without revealing to anyone that you are now carrying a weapon.

IWB gun clip holster is designed in such a way that it will hug your natural body contours without plenty of adjustment, while its counterpart the other variety will not offer that quality.

  • You may not need a belt

Most of these holsters that you will wear inside the waistband will not even require a belt. You will find IWB holsters are attached via clips that are usually on the top hem of the pants, and hence you will not need any belt to secure the firearm.

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These holsters are so designed that you can use them with your everyday clothing. A few have 2 clips made out of hard plastic, while some just have only 1 clip, which may also contribute to your gun sag in case your gun is a little heavier.

  • No need to tucking-in your shirt

For their effective use, you must always tuck in your shirt for having easy access to get the gun’s grip. In case, you have got the tails of the shirt positioned just over the gun’s grip, then it will be difficult to get access to your firearm during the high tension moment.

With such a holster that is tucked inside the waistband, you can also wear an untucked shirt just over it. For hot weather, this is ideal too.

  • Never comes in the way

While carrying a concealed firearm, you may have your firearm for most of the waking hours. Just consider what you must do during those times to ensure you are picking your right holster as per your lifestyle.

These IWB holsters will be great for concealment, but you have to get used to it first to derive its advantages.


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