Why Vintage Flowers are Still the Most Popular Decor for Wedding Arena

The beautiful blooms are still popular for decorating any venue. Flowers symbolize the bond between the wedded couple as mentioned in old classic books, which inspire modern era couples even today. Weddings are quite emotional and traditional celebrations, thus every kind of vintage blossoms are still seen prominently in the celebration venue and spotlighting the beauty of the bride.


Vintage flowers usually possess soft pastel shades, potent fragrances and have a distinct beauty. Some of the most popularly used ones are white and pink roses, cornflowers, peonies, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlia, and even sunflowers. The pleasing appearance of these flowers’ lilies, red and black roses, orchids, and seasonal blooms are quite attractive. You can order loads of the best vintage florets for your wedding by contacting a Florist Melbourne CBD. They are reputed suppliers of all exclusive flowers priced reasonably.

Arranging retro style bouquet –

  • The small adorable pastel shade of creamy roses whose beauty is boosted up by arranging few dark ones like dark red roses is sure to make a ‘wow’ statement.
  • Mixed blossoms of sweet peas, small bright lilies, snapdragons, lavender, and jasmine are sure to be a classic way of arranging a bride’s bouquets.
  • Have all the seasonal blooms highlighted by placing dragon fruit flowers, Aristolochia, or passionflowers can make the bouquet uniquely stunning.
  • Arranging soft-touch leaves along with loads of flowers that look collected from the garden in the morning topped with dried flowers presents a distinct style of bouquet.

weeding flowers

The arrangement of classic flowers for the venue decoration depends mainly upon the wedding theme. You need to choose the era the flowers are going to represent before ordering them from trustable florists. Your vintage theme looks meaningful only when the bride and groom’s wedding attire is of classic style. Once you have done all the required arrangements to enjoy a vintage wedding ceremony, it is time to consider the exact ways to adopt while planning for floral arrangements.

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Here are easy to do tips-

  • Search for a reliable well-experienced florist having an array of classic flowers. Your venue arranger or friends can suggest the best florist in your region. You can search for them by scrolling through many florist websites on the internet. The reviews of their earlier clients would help in deciding the right florist.
  • Ask whether they have prior experience in supplying flowers of earlier decades.  You can refer to their portfolios to choose the flowers. You can gain inspiration from picturesque images of other vintage weddings. You can have mismatch flowers like exclusive ones to decor the wedding spot and the rest of the venue with all types of vintage flowers reasonably priced. The bride can have her choice of flowers that enhance the beauty of her trousseau.
  • For budget-friendly floral arrangements, it is beneficial to go to resale shops that use all the foliage of fauna like rustic leaves, berries, small flowering branches, and of course loads of seasonal flowers that relates to your vintage theme.


Your florists and wedding arranger will provide you the most appropriate guidelines to choose flowers for your vintage wedding theme.

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